YFC mining pool : preview of YFC pool activities

The global multiplayer online large-scale fishing competition jointly organized by DFS mining pool and YFC is in full swing.

As time goes by, some of the existing YFC mining pool will close their business in a week, and the new pool will take over.

Latest news: After discussion with the core personnel of the command and operation behind the scenes of the DFS network pool, all the pool after the first decline in YFC production (that is, tonight). Open at the same time.

Because if the order is set, it is a kind of "discrimination". Why can’t other community coins only mine YFC after the output has declined?

Therefore, all pools will be opened simultaneously. There is no limit to the time for YFC in each pool, it will Continue to extend.

What remains unchanged is the total cap. This point remains the same, it is still a first-come, first-served basis, and it is still a YFC competition among communities.

Actvity details

YFC wants to make an history by adding pool network as follows:

Development time: early morning of September 9

Introduction to the upper limit allocation of trading pair weight pool

EOS/SOUL 2 500 A famous game across three public chains

EOS/TKT 1.1 200 The famous blockchain game that big bosses love to play

EOS/IQ 1 100 BM has called a single, and Binance has been on its famous blockchain content platform.

EOS/DICE 1 100 An entertainment platform that has been a hundred times better on EOS

EOS/HBB 1 50 A community coin operated by the leader of the Internet Red Deng

EOS/PINK 1 50 A very dreamy community coin

EOS/TPT 1 100 famous wallet platform currency

EOS/WAL 1 100 Famous exchange platform currency

EOS/NDX 1 100 Famous exchange platform currency

EOS/MEETONE 1 100 famous wallet platform currency

EOS/BG 1 100 Leading entertainment platform on EOS

EOS/VIGOR 1 100 BM is the No. 1 DeFi abroad.

EOS/VIG 1 100 BM is the No. 1 DeFi abroad.

EOS/DAPP 1 100 The No. 1 DeFi abroad in my mind.

Description of pool quota:

It is to distribute farming capacity and join to it original holders of each currency.

It is not to encourage the purchase of coins from other communities for farming purposes.

Between the pool is a farming competition between communities. A pool where time is up but you can’t finish farming. After the end, the share is given to other communities.

YFC will strive to bring the coins of their respective communities in the EOS ecosystem to play together.

No one is missing. Each user with coins will distribute farming pool for free, and join the YFC small mining pool army together. Get up to experience the fun of DFS network pool

How to participate

YFC wants to make a fortune mining direct: https://www.yfc.one

Open the wallet browser directly. You can use MYKEY wallet, TP wallet or other EOS-supported wallets you have used.

Defis mining Golden pool Upgrade Announcement

So tonight,

Migrated from the bronze pool network to the golden pool network. Tied with DFS to become the second golden pool network.

Market-making EOS/YFC: Enjoy the maximum weight of YFC farming weight + maximum DFS mining weight.

Defis network pool upgrade plan rules reference: https://github.com/defis-net/defis-network/bl

Tell the truth

Request to call the coin holders around to join the DeFi movement together.

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