The road to decentralization of DFS 6: I DO

37 min readDec 15, 2020

Prologue: Double Twelve

A small history story

Double Twelve is a good day. There are several wonderful events recorded in history books. At this moment, it is very worthwhile to take them out.

Event 1: It was Kenya’s Independence Day. What happened in Kenya, one of the birthplaces of human civilization, was also a general election event about voting. The people of Kenya who had been occupied by colonists for more than 300 years formed a democratic alliance. Initiated a democratic revolution. In a fair election, the Kenyan League won in the end and established an autonomous government. Kenya declared independence on 12.12. So 12.12 was designated as Kenya’s Independence Day.

History tells us that it is difficult to change the fate of slaves without the heart to resist. If you have the idea of revolting, but not the determination to act in concert, the fruits of victory will be like a mirrored flower, hopeless and unavailable.

The second incident was the “Double Twelve Incident” that had nothing to do with voting and elections, but was related to “whether we should rise up against the dictatorship”, which was called the “Xi’an Incident” in history. At that time, in order to save the rise and fall of the nation, change the established national policy of the leaders of the Republic of China in the continuous civil war, and stop the civil war to fight against Japan in unison, people of insight Zhang and Yang mustered up the courage, and despite repeated admonitions, they still could not persuade the leaders to make changes. He simply kidnapped the leader and forced him to make a change.

For the individual, this is a bold and desperate behavior. But history speaks, and the outcome of the event can be said to directly affect the trajectory of history: the end of the ten-year civil war and the establishment of an anti-Japanese national united front greatly inspired the people’s enthusiasm for resistance to Japan and became the hub of the changing situation.

History tells us that sometimes, seemingly outrageous wrong behaviors are not making mistakes, but correcting them in a radical way.


TAG Qiuhe system has been launched since Double Eleven. In a month or so, I received everyone’s support and love.

We heard the voice of resistance and saw everyone’s actions.

The data speaks for itself, and the 58 million EOS agent has greatly exceeded expectations.

The high-yield TAG LP mining pool that has not collapsed for 30 consecutive days has subverted everyone’s understanding of the second pool of mining coins.

In just one month, the following results have been achieved:

TAG’s proxy ticket warehouse dfsbpsproxy1 reached 58.7 million EOS. 4655 people participated in the vote. The TAG/LP pot broke through 1 million EOS, with 989 participants.

On November 17th, bp.dfs received more than 53 million votes, ranking 68th, and successfully received the first candidate node minimum guarantee: 103 EOS

On December 1st, bp.dfs was supported by the official 95 million ticket warehouse of b1. Accumulatively received more than 230 million votes, ranking 25th

Wealth management products of YFC product series were launched, and the total funds involved in wealth management reached 2.5 million EOS

The tp nodes and key nodes supported by the tag ticket warehouse have successively entered the prize candidate node area and successfully received the node income

Excellent nodes and project parties at home and abroad came to join one after another, expressing their ideas and willingness to build communities and ecology together

With the launch of the node evaluation system, there is a communication environment between the node and the community. Voting is no longer blind.

With the fermentation of the collective wisdom of the community, the Le Donation System has upgraded and expanded its functions, and launched a new version that can be liked and responded to. The decentralized pure-chain social application has initially shown its embryonic form.

The music donation system is continuously updated to support the display of advertising spaces, loudspeakers, video, audio, pictures, and moving pictures. A community autonomous chain content community based on the token economic model is ready to emerge.

Of course, there are still many moving community behaviors that are too late to record. Only those who participate in person can experience it.

After a month, it is time for us to re-examine the value of the TAG system and redefine TAG together.

The following will share recent thoughts from multiple aspects.

This article is divided into three parts:

Part I: Topics related to technology updates and project progress, for speculation and investors

Part II: Topics related to voting, read for those who care about voting

Part II: Topics of blockchain literary thoughts, for those who are idle and bored

Part I: About the project and technology

The I DO in the title of the article has three meanings:

Declaration platform for EOS node election

When voters asked whether a node was willing to devote enthusiasm to the EOS public chain and fight for the rise of the EOS public chain, the answer we hope to get is yes I DO.

Decentralized asset issuance platform

Initial Donation Offering, a new token distribution mechanism based on Le donation airdrop and LP mining, redefines ICO. The project party is so simple that it only needs to figure out the distribution ratio, and can create a mining pool with one click, and complete a series of processes such as independent coin listing, token distribution, and market pricing.

Decentralized task platform

iDo, similar to crowdfunding crowdsourcing, can be compared to Ethereum’s KP3R. The platform aggregates talents. Users can offer rewards, post tasks, receive tasks, etc.

The following are respectively explained.

Declaration platform for EOS node election

We are committed to creating a fair, just, open and transparent node election and node voting environment.

Solve the past: node information is not open and transparent, votes are mixed with each other seriously, and nodes doing things are crowded out of 30 other pain points on the main network.

Therefore, we have built a node evaluation system where the information is completely stored on the chain:

Under this platform, nodes can actively disclose their own information to let the community know about you, and users can evaluate nodes.

The disclosure of node information comes entirely from the node, and the user’s evaluation comes entirely from the voters. The evaluation system itself does not make an objective evaluation of any node.

We jokingly call it: Dianping’s World Good Node:

Node basic information disclosure module:

Question and answer module (questions come from the community):

Node story module:

User evaluation module:

The score is modifiable. For example, I voted for 3 points today, but the node has improved in the future, and I changed to 10 points. This 10 points will replace the original 3 points and affect the total score in real time.

But the score record of historical negative reviews is still there.

The evaluation of evaluations and sending love can also filter out truly valuable evaluations.

For malicious use of scores, volume, and evaluation. I believe that the characteristic of blockchain is that it can record everything. If you try to falsify and engage in some unconventional methods, you get a bad review, which may be really irretrievable.

The evaluation of the evaluation can show the objectivity of this evaluation.

So don’t worry, there will be malicious bad reviews or malicious praise, because the eyes of the people are discerning.

Through the evaluation system, we hope to establish a good communication environment between nodes and communities.

Create basic conditions for nodes to compete for the upper ranks, and it is also convenient for nodes to listen to user feedback and improve themselves.

We hope that users in the ecosystem will be more familiar with nodes, just like knowing heroes in the glory of the king, to get familiar with the avatars and stories of each node, and actively participate in daily voting.

Rather than feeling remote and unfamiliar to the node.

Ultimately, we hope to establish a ranking mechanism for the survival of the fittest among nodes.

Help the community and EOS holders to correctly use the power in their hands to select talents and abilities, so that nodes can compete in a healthy way, and they are no longer satisfied and stagnated in the basic responsibility of block production.

Make sure that even the project parties who are new to EOS ecological development projects, as long as they work hard, even if their own ticket warehouse is 0. It can also have a place in the list of candidate nodes, and even under healthy competition, it will eventually be selected as a super node by the community.

In the end, make eos great again together.

Decentralized asset issuance platform

The second extended function is to further explore the donation and mining modules of the Qiuhe system to form a decentralized asset issuance platform.

We call it IDO, Initial Donation Offering, a new token distribution mechanism based on Le donation airdrop and LP mining.

The project party is so simple that it only needs to figure out the distribution ratio, and can create a mining pool with one click, and complete a series of processes such as independent coin listing, token distribution, and market pricing.

The process and rules are as follows:

Anyone can create a mining pool, just like creating a trading pair market in Swap

Create a token/EOS trading pair in DFS Swap first

Provide liquidity of not less than 100 EOS in DFS Swap

In Le Donate account, the value of the token balance ranks in the top three.

For tokens that meet the above 3 conditions, the system will start mining in real time and automatically. Distribute the tokens in the Le donation account to users of the voting system.

If the conditions are not met, the community can initiate help through “assist”.

Communities like exchanges vote for listing. But the difference is that the help here requires participation in donations or market making.

The TAG system, in essence, provides an infrastructure for token distribution.

Help project parties to easily complete a series of processes from creating a token liquidity market, token distribution, precise airdrops, and token market pricing.

In the past, the process of issuing tokens by project parties was really difficult. First, we must prevent the legal risks of illegally raising funds, and we must go through various relationships to exchange currencies. Third, we must consider how to distribute tokens to avoid most of the coins being pinched between ourselves and Private equity is rotten, and market value management must also be considered, as well as constant promotion and operation in order to have anyone buy it. These are all outdated.

This summer, with YFI as the topic center, a brand new token distribution model with “no private placement, no reservations, and no founder rewards” appeared.

Will such a distribution model succeed, and will it become the mainstream in the future?

The market has already given the answer. And time will tell the answer is right or wrong.

TAG Qiuhe system is such an asset issuance platform.

If a project party wants to issue coins for the project, the only thing to do is to figure out a ratio: for example, 20% donation + 70% LP mining + 10% self-retention.

The advantage of this cold start method is that the market will naturally give feedback on whether the project is valuable.

Start with fair distribution of tokens, and then low-expected natural growth. It is in line with the trend of the post-modern DeFi circle of “projects first, then hype”.

Whitepaper is cheap. Show me your code.

If you need to give an example,

The TAG token of the Qiuhe system itself is an excellent example.

50% Le donation + 50% LP mining completed cold start

Into the iteration and update of the project

Re-plan the distribution ratio

Enabling after reducing expectations

Decentralized task platform

iDo, similar to crowdfunding crowdsourcing, can be compared to Ethereum’s KP3R. Aggregate talents and project parties, users can offer rewards, post tasks, receive tasks, etc.

Quoting the remarks of the founder of KP3R,

Such pain points not only exist on the EOS public chain, but will continue to expand in the future.

Because developers are scarce, and developers, whether it is smart contract development, front-end development, or UI design, are actually a remote collaboration skill that can be carried out anytime, anywhere.

It is in line with the professional nature of “digital vagrant”.

Therefore, the decentralized development model of decentralized projects will be born.

Our DFS project development model has created a very good precedent.

Here we will then standardize it, platform it, and model it in order to share this working model with more companies and free developers.

(Collaboration from the community)

( Collaboration from the community)

( Collaboration from the community)

iDo is a platform for individuals to enjoy their self-worth in the future. The stronger the individual or organizational ability, the more they can become a star on this platform, the more they can get rewards that match their abilities, and the more they can focus on what they love and are proficient in. Things.

Important: Regarding the adjustment of the TAG distribution mechanism

In the TAG’s first project document, we clearly predict that we will make timely corrections to the distribution mechanism in line with the actual situation. After a month, we are under the conditions of comprehensive market data and long-term planning. Prepare to make the following adjustments to TAG’s token distribution ratio:

40% through entering Le donation, mining output through voting

40% LP mining, through the provision of TOKEN/TAG liquidity mining output

20% enter the DSS system and distribute it to long-term TAG holders in a linear and fair manner through a smoother yield curve.

Add other TAG LP mining pools to create a TAG trading pair area.
USDT/TAG LP mining pool is newly added in the first phase.
In the future, the community will vote to determine more TOKEN/TAG mining pools.

Modification of LP pool ranking income bonus:

Top 30, 30% bonus

20% bonus for 31~60 people

61~100 people, 10% bonus

No bonus beyond 100

Effective time: December 13th: 8 pm Beijing time. Users in the LP mining pool, please do so in advance after understanding to avoid loss of revenue bonus. The REX mining pool is not affected.

High returns are not sustainable. Reduce revenue and return to normal sustainable mining. Make everyone more comfortable, don’t worry about it.

PoS two pool mining

Many people can’t understand why the unit price of mining coins in the second pool is so expensive.

Because this is PoS mining where funds are computing power, the purchased TAG is the TAG token itself and the mining machine of the TAG token itself. With EOS for electricity, more TAG can be obtained.

Therefore, the value of the purchased TAG actually contains two parts: one is the TAG token itself, and the other is the TAG mining machine.

And each TAG is a mining machine that gets more TAGs, so the TAGs bought are also the current TAG computing power.

This is the essential difference between pos mining and pow mining.

About the direction of TAG empowerment

In addition to being a functional token for the aforementioned crowdfunding and crowdsourcing task platform, we also have many empowering directions.

Before that, first understand the guiding ideology of TAG tokens.

Useful: TAG

For the empowering direction of TAG, we use four words to summarize: useful and useful

TAG, like its image of “Autumn Harvest”, is that food is food. Its existence supports all businesses in Yuzi Village, such as machine gun pool business, wealth management business, and also generates income for loan agreements and transaction agreements. At the same time, it shoulders the mission of attracting ticket warehouses and improving the governance defects of the main ticket.

Now that it is positioned as “food”, it is more useful. From ancient times to the present, in wars and chaos, it is difficult to find rice. In peace, everyone has enough food and clothing, and the family has surplus food. Grain is not only edible, can be stored, can be rewarded, but also can be bartered .

For example, as I said jokingly, you can exchange for a bag of rice, you can exchange for a pizza, you can store, you can barter, etc., all of which are an enabling:

It is a consumable token for the social system on the chain with Le donation as the center. It can be used for rewards, advertisements, love, and different amounts of TAG tokens represent different gift types, etc.

iDO is a functional token in the mission system, which can be pledged, rewarded, rewarded, remuneration can be settled, and so on.

Intermediary chips for commodity exchange on the chain, chips for auction systems, etc.

Collateral for the reputation system of various gateways, etc.

The nature of TAG is a low inflation, a predictable total quantity, and a fair distribution mechanism. It is destined to be actively empowered by any project party.

Of course, other project parties can empower TAG, just like TAG was issued by them, because the distribution of TAG is fair.

The DFS project team, as a development team, is naturally very willing to give TAG more and more uses in subsequent projects.

The value of TAG depends on how many project parties are willing to participate in empowerment.

In short, TAG tokens are used, not only useful, but also very useful, very versatile and very versatile.

In addition to project empowerment, there is also basic node income support.

The helloeos nodes, bigone, and bp.dfs nodes also took the lead to express their willingness to use part of the node revenue to maintain the tag market value and provide long-term buying support. As everyone agrees that TAG is the core ecological project, more and more nodes will join it. Hold DFS and TAG together.

Useless use: DFS

Some people will say that TAG is useful. What resources and usefulness are given to TAG, then what is the use of DFS?

For DFS, we also have a four-word highly summarized guiding ideology: Useless Use

And along the way, we have been implementing and practicing this guiding ideology, although many people expressed doubts and puzzles.

Uselessness refers to aspects that are easily overlooked.

The most important things in life are actually useless: love, justice, freedom, dignity, knowledge, civilization, these may be’useless’ for many people, but I insist on believing that these are the treasures of life. Can withstand repeated pursuits. “Life is not for use.

Utilitarian life is like a knife without a scabbard, sharp but not good-looking. If this dish of life is cut across the board with such a knife, it will be a kind of sadness that is hard to let go.

Therefore, in the long river of blockchain history, we badly need a useless coin. It has no epee and can not cut vegetables, but it can solve certain problems.

And DFS is such a coin.

Voting governance power is one of its useless uses. From the initial voting pool to the later voting nodes, it is one of its uses.

It is a kind of aggregate governance, a transferable decentralized autonomous organization’s equity certificate, transferable, which means that the people behind these holders have been trained in governance and have the quality of decentralized governance And these capabilities are transferable and can participate in the governance of other projects, and can participate in the governance of some things that need to be governed across agreements, projects, ecology, even chains, and borders.

We call it a decentralized aggregate governance platform .

It is a proof of rights and interests in the system. You hold DFS and you can choose to exercise your power or not. You can’t get any practical benefits with or without exercise. However, participating in collective decision-making can verify whether the results of your own thinking are correct from the results of the public will, which is helpful for self-thinking and reflection, participating more, and even gaining spiritual freedom, because people have long been accustomed to accepting others’ offers. Decision-making, and rarely make decisions through independent thinking.

DFS itself is useless and has no value, but if there are more people, it will have use and value. For example, participating in collective decision-making is a very interesting and valuable thing.

Holding or not holding DFS is related to value orientation, just like holding BTC or not holding BTC. No one has to convince anyone.

Give it to time, because Time will tell.

DFS, Decentralized Finance Share , a great harvest, you deserve one.

Summary: Faith recharge

I believe everyone can already feel the charm of decentralized applications from Swap, a simple masterpiece of decentralized applications. Swap just decentralizes the transaction fees of centralized exchanges, which can set off such a wave.

And the charm of more decentralized applications in the future needs to be questioned.

All things that can be decentralized will be decentralized, but those that cannot be decentralized all at once will gradually be communityized.

What centralized applications can do, eventually decentralized applications can do.

What centralized applications can do, but decentralized applications cannot do, are things that do not need to be done. Such as pin insertion, unplug network cable, fixed-point explosion, and data smashing.

Part II: About voting

Community ticket warehouse and foundation: dfsfundation

How many heroic feats and battles in history often received positive responses from the masses at the beginning. At the beginning, they launched a fierce attack on the enemy crystal, but this violates the inevitable law of the development of things and is often defensive towers. Teach to be a man.

Without wretched development, there would be no combat effectiveness.

Without stable rear support and assistance, it is impossible to fight for a long time.

Lack of economic security and mass foundation, it often ends up when the soldiers approach the city and stop moving forward.

In ancient heroic expeditions, the most common thing is to be consumed by wars of attrition, and to be killed by counter-attack or stunned after running out of food and bullets.

The above is to illustrate the necessity of owning a ticket warehouse and also the necessity of establishing a community foundation.

This is the basis of our protracted warfare, a necessary granary and rear guarantee.

In the last update, we set the dfsfundation account as a community ticket warehouse shared by the community . EOS entering this account will be automatically bought into REX and delegated to the large ticket warehouse of TAG .

The name dfsfundation has a double meaning:

The first is the meaning of fun donation, which means donation, accepting arbitrary donations from the community and project parties.

The second is the meaning of foundation, which is foundation

EOS that enters dfsfundation will be directly bought into REX and voted. The ownership of this part of EOS belongs to the entire ecology and the community.

EOS is not just getting in but not out, but accumulating, and voting as the community’s own voting warehouse when nothing happens to increase the weight of our votes.

When a developer needs to apply for development funding in the future, the developer can submit an application, and then the community will initiate a vote to decide whether to approve it and whether to allocate funds to support the dream.

For the process of developers applying for development funds to do experiments, we can refer to the process of Polkadot’s web3 foundation:

The developer takes the initiative to explain what he wants to do, and then initiates a proposal application. The level of funding applied depends on the team’s development budget

Developers take the initiative to dismantle project development milestones, and at least 3 acceptable project milestones are required

Then the community will vote to decide whether to pass the application and distribute the funds for the first stage

In the acceptance phase, the community will conduct phased acceptance according to milestones. After each successful acceptance, the next milestone will be distributed.

Phased acceptance and payment in installments have the advantage of being able to screen out overfilled and exaggerated items.

At the same time, it can truly support the project parties who have the ability to develop good projects and give the necessary support in the early stage of the project.

For example: This is how the famous Uniswap got up in the early days.

In the development of blockchain projects, the emphasis is on experimentation and the daring of trial and error. The purpose of the foundation is to help developers to do experiments and trial and error with minimal cost and no worries. Even if it fails, it is an experience, and there is always a success.

Through decentralized and transparent processes, costs are controlled.

Avoid those meaningless pitting private equity projects and unsuccessful investments by looking at the white paper.

The establishment of the community’s own ticket warehouses and fund accounts is to help the protracted war build an increasingly powerful reserve granary and economic foundation, and to avoid unethical things like talking about morals hungry from happening on the blockchain.

I believe that in the future projects supported by the dfsfundation fund and the community, there will be a high probability that there will be a similar to Ethereum Andre Cronje (the creator of YFI) or Hayden Adams (the creator of Uniswap), or even V God (the founder of Ethereum). Characters, make a big and innovative project that is earth-shattering and bright. Precipitating the value of the EOS public chain and bringing double growth.

Imagine If a community has the ability to incubate a company, then such a community is already writing history.

bp.dfs node income distribution announcement

bp.dfs node income distribution plan:

10% of music donated to the community ticket warehouse → (dfsfundation);

20% repurchase market making DFS → (granary.dfs);

20% repurchase market making TAG → (granary.dfs);

50% buy REX and vote to be the node’s own ticket warehouse and team operation -> (vault.dfs);

The above is fully executed automatically by smart contracts

The above is purely a unilateral approach of the bp.dfs project.

Do not ask any project parties and nodes to follow suit.

We are well aware that the project parties who are really doing things need to get food, expand the team, and even spend money on operations.

We vote for excellent nodes because they are worth it, not just because they have a lot of rebates. Just as b1 voted for bp.dfs with 95 million votes, it is pure recognition of the DFS team.

Public choice theory: Is it wrong to vote for the exchange?

It is human nature to love freedom. However, in history, there are far more violations of freedom than protection of freedom, including the market of ideas.

An important reason why “bad money drives out good money” often appears in the thought market because critics often focus on the wrong conclusions themselves, while ignoring the natural defects that lead to conclusions. Such as logical errors, theoretical foundation errors, and so on.

We have seen that voters who voted for Binance were scolded and despised by voters who hated Binance, and even withdrew from the group chat because the voting results and voting methods did not match their fantasy.

In a fair environment, public choices are usually right.

For example, b1’s ticket warehouse also voted for 85 million votes on the exchange this time. Those who are dissatisfied are ready to find someone to reason.

Our original intention of establishing community voting is to oppose vote blending, establish transparent node elections, and compete with fair nodes for the upper level mechanism, and urge existing nodes to do better. Not just to prevent anyone from being a node.

About “mutual investment”

Many people are blinded by the word “mutual cast”.

Seeing that A voted for B and B also voted for A, I jumped out to accuse you. This is a mutual vote. It is shameful to vote each other. Please stop immediately.

As long as the starting point is correct, there is no problem with mutual investment.

During the Warring States Period, it was even advocated that they were connected horizontally and vertically, with mutual checks and balances. The idea of totally opposing mutual investment is no less than that of those high-level counselors who insist that Qin must be singled out for justice.

Regarding mutual investment, we have a more elegant way of saying “appreciate each other.”

Called in English: you di da me, i huala huala you.

Dismantle the outer tower

Starting a fierce attack on the opponent’s crystal is bound to be slapped in the face by the ruthless defensive tower.

Only wretched development, can the more wars become stronger.

The theory of dismantling the outer tower refers to the fact that the TAG large ticket warehouse does not necessarily directly interfere with the nodes in the front row.

Instead, he turned his attention to the candidate nodes in the back row.

Here are some outstanding technical nodes that have been left out and squeezed out for a long time and need our support.

At the same time, we have also seen that there are a lot of “alternative nodes” that don’t even have names and project parties, and we need to recommend community project parties willing to work for the ecology to replace them.

Step by step, replace those unnamed candidate nodes that are ruthlessly digging, buying, and mentioning, and let nodes with communities and technical nodes take up positions. Call it the demolished outer tower.

(A bunch of unnamed nodes in the back row)

Inner Roll of EOS Exchange Circle

Recently, I often see the term “involution”, and there are subtle explanations in various industries. Some talk about the internal scrolling within the system, the internal scrolling within a specific industry, and the internal scrolling of the bundy circle:

The Chinese bungee circle has been “inwardly scrolled” to death

The internal roll is a competition where everyone can easily compete, but it happens to be exhausting.

For example, if everyone in a class does not work hard, it is easy for you to get good grades, and it is easy to be a good student.

But when everyone works hard, the fucking thing happens, you have to prepare all night to get good results.

The internal volume is that when you prepare for the exam all night, others work harder. People eat with a book and even write papers on a laptop while riding a bicycle. If you have a high fever, you have to recite knowledge points.

Originally, everyone can easily, but because of the “involved” everyone has to work hard, but the results achieved have not changed, because the essence of the competition is still ranking.

If you apply the concept, we will exchange the ticket of the node on EOS. There is also severe involution.

Going to a super node was not a difficult task at first. The team only needed to work hard, but later it didn’t work. You had to have money, tickets, resources, teamwork, and then you would die to engage in “diplomacy”. 30 votes, found that it is not enough, but also work hard to increase more votes.

Going to the super node has changed from a breeze to being unable to mix up without changing tickets, and in the end even those who don’t work hard to exchange tickets can’t mix up.

This is involution, but in the wrong direction. We call it inferior involution, which is the level of mutual harm.

At this moment, we should put forward another brand-new competitive model: start to rely on strength to “compete to the upper position”, in this direction, to roll in, the better.

Letting you get a super node by renting a cloud server to hire a part-time operation and maintenance, and exchange tickets, you need to work hard to improve the service level, increase the speed of api request, the performance of the node block, do the community, do things, do not make progress Will lose votes.

Avoid meaningless involution

In the ticket exchange circle, the competition is just a useless ranking.

Because the number of EOS to be issued daily is limited.

The proceeds from the additional issuance of nodes could have been used to incubate strong communities and teams. As a result, it became worthless because of the constant involution of ticket exchange competition.

So now you can understand the complaints of some people:

Super nodes are not profitable

Super nodes are operating at a loss

It is not easy for our super nodes to produce good blocks, so what do we need to do?

We ran out of energy just to produce a block, what can we do?

This can only be said that the entire EOS ecology and community are caused by competition in the wrong direction. It’s a kind of evil involute cycle.

So the key to breaking the game is to get rid of this involution in the wrong direction.

Use game theory to crack the inner scroll

Once upon a time there was an economist named John Nash, and there was a famous movie “Beautiful Mind” that made his legendary story.

There is a part in the movie. John and his three good friends go to the nightclub to dance. At this time, a beautiful girl and girlfriend came. So John and his friends thought about how to make this beautiful girl.

The inspiration for the famous Nash equilibrium theory in game theory comes from this.

John said that if the four of us choose to strike up a conversation with the most beautiful girl, then the beautiful girl will definitely put on airs and ignore us. We won’t talk about whether we can successfully soak, but the difficulty and cost of soaking will definitely increase a lot.

And after being rejected by the beautiful girl, she went to soak the girlfriends next to the beautiful girl, and her girlfriends would not care about them. After all, no girl would like to be treated as a spare tire or a defective product.

Once the competition is over, not only will there always be people who lose, but there may even be both losers and more losers.

If they discuss it well, they all choose to first meet the girlfriends next to the beautiful girls. The worst case is that the girlfriends are soaked, but the beautiful girls will also feel isolated. At this time, the difficulty will be much lower if they go to meet her.

Some people voluntarily give up competition, and some people voluntarily choose to cooperate to find a solution that maximizes collective interests. If you don’t do this, and try to get the “maximum benefit” at hand, the result will be a double-loss situation.


Continued investment, but growth stagnated and fell short of expectations.

Our retail friends and even big ones, because of our preference for EOS.

It has been fixed investment, and it is expected that the price of EOS will suddenly skyrocket one day.

But the reality is that the currency price has been falling.

This shows that the economy is not only not accumulating value, but there is also value leakage.

What we do is to solve the problem of value precipitation and value leakage.

If there was no vicious competition for ticket exchange internal rolls, then the income of a super node could have supported a team of 20–50 people. Such a team is entirely possible to create an Internet-level popular application such as WhatsApp or Instagram. Bring great value growth to the entire economy.

The ticket exchange is a waste of the EOS issued by the system on the internal consumption in the internal volume. Both the ecology and the EOS in their hands are mutually detrimental.

It is strongly recommended that people of insight stop the ticket exchange and break the bad internal volume.

Crack the ticket exchange roll

To solve the involution of the inferiority of the ticket exchange circle, the only way to rely on game theory is to voluntarily give up competition and maximize the interests of the group.

Therefore, we must first find the Nash equilibrium point in game theory.

Start with the weaker side who has tickets in hand but will be out without changing the tickets.

If the node has 2 million in its own ticket warehouse, it will desperately exchange 30 votes, but only 60 million votes.

Then you can stop working hard and directly represent the TAG ticket warehouse. The DFS community will not only respect you as a man, but also return all your 60 million votes, eliminating the ticket exchange process and the ticket exchange settlement process. Set aside more time to work hard and spend time with family and friends.

Only one node is needed to abandon the internalized ticket exchange competition and delegate 2 million tickets to the TAG ticket warehouse. Then the ticket exchange alliance will reduce 60 million votes. The threshold for super nodes is lower by 60 million votes.

Things are often that simple.

So the question is, which node is willing to stand up first and give up competition?

Don’t know for now. But what is certain is that it was the first to publicly abandon the competition and successfully crack the ticket exchange circle.

It must be a node of fame and fortune.

Democratize voting

What Qiuhe has done is no less than a small democratic revolution. What it seeks is the independence of eos public chain democracy.

The node, its position, is like the governor who guards the country.

The team behind the node, each town, or export technology, or operate the community, or spread all kinds of blockchain ideas to the public, each show their magical powers, in their respective areas of expertise, in different places in the world, for the same grapefruit Country to contribute.

And these contributions can be reflected in the community. Then a series of fair, just, open and transparent selection indicators can be formed. These indicators can be abstracted into multiple dimensions, just like performance.

If one can seek official positions through economic trading, no one will care about democratic voting.

We hope that the node’s election will eventually be like the governor’s election.

I feel a little ritual. I want to be a responsible node. You need to put your hands on the Bible and answer the priest’s question: Do you want to love her (eos) and protect her (eos), no matter whether you are rich or poor, you will never leave her (eos) Don’t give up?

The node answers: yes I Do.

Voters can rest assured and vote for him.

If the node is just to produce blocks, what is the difference between people living just to eat?

Voting principles (for reference only)

Vote for teams with correct values and embrace community building

Vote for a team that is worthy of the vote but has been left out in the back row for a long time

Vote for teams that contribute to mainnet technology, ecology, and community

Do I have to vote for those nodes that are already in the first 21 blocks?

I believe that the common prosperity and common prosperity of each project team under the mainnet ecosystem should be promoted.

If the front-row nodes have already been well-fed and obtained long-term reserves in the long-term ticket exchange system, then we can consider giving priority to the nodes that drink northwest wind in the back row.

There are some very low-key, long-term efforts, but the gentleman nodes who disdain to exchange votes are definitely worthy of you to know and vote for.

Part 2: D-word spirit

ONE PIECE Golden Merley

One Piece serialized for 22 years. Luffy set off from a small fishing village in the East China Sea to break into a new world of great waterways and embark on a magnificent and magnificent adventure related to chasing dreams and finding treasures.

The EOS public chain is like the first boat we took to explore the sea of stars: the Golden Meri.

We are destined to gather here, sailing with a reed, helping each other in the same boat, going through a storm, looking in the mist, looking for the next island to settle on. Before the boat goes ashore, maintaining the boat is related to everyone on board.

The Straw Hat team went to sea for the dream of One Piece. During the trip, they failed countless times. Blood can flow, people can be lost, and boats can be broken, but dreams cannot stop.

In this big channel of the melee of the major public chains, the public chains all want to be One Piece, but there is only one One Piece, and that is the straw hat team with the D-word spirit.

D word spirit

Many people have asked why the names of the members of the DFS team Jstart with Dwords and end with words.

On the one hand, I like One Piece. On the other hand, because this is indeed a very meaningful code name.

The meaning of the D word spirit is very rich:

It’s the dark Dark, the defeated Defeat;

Dangerous, despairing Despair;

It is the Dream of dreams and the Destiny of destiny;

Decisive is decisive, Dare is bold;

Is the energetic Dashingly, is the decent Decently;

It is the immortal Deathless, it is the Dawn of the dawn;

Finally, it is decentration.

One PIECE is a process of chasing dreams.

Maybe the treasure box that is finally opened is just a box of air.

But its significance has been reflected in the process of pursuing One PIECE.

How can I ask, even if you know in advance that the end of the big adventure is nothingness, are you still willing to set out?

Of Course I Do.

Chao Wendao

“Wearing the Dao” is a short story by Liu Cixi. The novel is about the continuous development of human civilization and finally the establishment of a super particle accelerator around the entire earth, called Einstein’s equator. When it was about to start, an alien Humans suddenly appeared to stop humans. The aliens said that this machine has too much energy and may cause vacuum to decay and destroy the entire universe. His task is to monitor the intelligent life of the entire universe and eliminate this danger, so it is called “Riders”.

The earthling asked when did the risk eliminator begin to notice the earth.

The risk eliminator said that 370,000 years ago, 10 primitive people looked up at the starry sky for more than the threshold of the early warning system, and they showed full curiosity about the universe.

People on earth say that the early warning system only calls the police if it is capable of generating a process of creation level. How come ten primitive people looked up at the starry sky 370,000 years ago and started calling the police.

The risk eliminator replied that when life begins to realize the existence of the mystery of the universe, according to him, it is only one step away to finally unlock the mystery. It took 4 billion years for life on earth to realize the existence of the mystery of the universe for the first time, but at that moment, it was less than 400,000 years before Einstein’s equator was built. The most critical acceleration period for this process is less than 500 years.

If the primitive people looked up at the starry sky and stared at the universe for a few minutes, they saw a gem on the ground, then the development of the entire human civilization is just a process of bending over to pick up this gem.

The truth in the novel is thought-provoking:

Curiosity, desire to explore, and the pursuit of freedom are human nature, and it cannot be stopped.

Through mathematics, physics, philosophy, science, these great human undertakings, even if imprisoned in a nut shell, people can still enjoy spiritual freedom.

The great mathematician Pascal has a famous quote, which is our most appropriate commemoration of the giant Mr. Hawking in a wheelchair:

Thought forms the greatness of man. Man is just a reed, the most fragile thing in nature, but it is a reed capable of thinking. It is not necessary for the entire universe to take up arms to destroy it. One breath, one drop of water, is enough to kill it. However, even if the universe destroys it, humans are still much more noble than the things that cause it to die, because it knows that it is going to die and the advantages the universe has over it, but the universe knows nothing about it. So our entire dignity lies in our thoughts, and it is because of it, not because of the time and space we cannot fill and control, that we must improve ourselves. Therefore, we must work hard to think well. This is the principle of morality.

Those projects that represent the spirit of decentralized thinking are just like that reed, fragile and powerful. It is too easy to kill this reed. Malicious mergers and monopoly control are enough to kill. Then as long as the spirit does not die, it must regenerate. This is the Deathless in the D-word spirit.

This is also the theoretical proof that Bitcoin cannot die, because the mind will not be easily destroyed.

If the advent of Bitcoin, human beings look up at the starry sky and see that gem.

At this moment, countries and large companies are deploying blockchains and digital currencies. We can seem to hear that Satoshi Nakamoto asked in the air: Are you willing to follow the large forces exploring the mysteries of the blockchain to pick this gem together ?

Yes I Do.

Extra Story: DAO De

Virtue and wisdom

In this era of big tears where “the truth is unfinished, consensus and dreams are broken”, we desperately need clear wisdom to guide people out of emotional quarrels.

In order to find true wisdom in history, Socrates once asked two questions:

What kind of virtue should there be?

How to save this country?

He searched around Athens for advice and found the most knowledgeable statesman, the most talented poet, and the most skilled craftsman, but he was disappointed.

The creation of poets mostly relies on inspiration. Craftsmen make exquisite objects in contrast to drawings. Politicians have no plans for the rise and fall of the country.

Socrates finally concluded that these people’s cognitions are worthless, worthless at all.

Socrates believes that the reason why cognition is worthless is that people can only take external actions if they have internal virtues. Therefore, “ virtue is true wisdom. “ A prophet is a prophet. More than 2000 years have passed. Today, the biggest gap between people is still reflected in the spiritual forces of morality and conscience.

Although the moral power of the goose is important, but you cannot talk about morality hungry, so when poverty and morality are superimposed, in the eyes of conservatives, talking about morality with hungry people is itself an immoral thing. .

If only the retail friends and project parties who have been cut to only their shorts, they can build the ecology and maintain the community alone.

It is also quite immoral.

Morality and wealth

Aristotle pointed out in ancient Greece:

The evils of this world are all accused of wealth. In fact, all evils stem from the nature of evil.

There is nothing wrong with pursuing wealth and status. What is wrong is an improper way, even turning this way into unspoken rules, even institutionalization and proceduralization.

In a place where bad money drives out good money and materiality is paramount, the lower the morality, the more wealth and status can be obtained. The newcomers can only rely on more “thicker” and more despicable methods to replace them.

Everywhere is full of ill-gotten wealth. The people at the bottom have hatred for those who are “rich and unkind”, and those who obtain wealth and status through non-labor creation or unfair competition are also in panic all day long.

If the lower-level people live more tiredly, the moral integrity and contract spirit will become more and more alienated.

As the history of the rise and fall of the world has taught us three major lessons:

Injustice becomes a machine that sows hatred

The disparity between the rich and the poor is an accelerator that intensifies social conflicts

Greed is the root of social unrest

On the contrary, if the laws, systems, and culture of a society are based on morality. Then a person’s wealth and status are often positively related to his cognition and morality.

Adam Smith said in The Theory of Moral Sentiments:

Human society is composed of individuals full of moral consciousness, and an economy driven by individual virtues is much more effective than compulsory intervention. Economy and virtue do not need to be separated, but they complement each other.

Material and wealth do not mean cognitive and spiritual wealth. Organizations that rely solely on exploitation and squeeze can hardly not be eliminated by the market.

On the contrary, the virtues of prudence and frugality can help people gain wealth, and only such wealth is calm.

In the Qiuhe mining in the small grapefruit village, we can also see the disparity between the rich and the poor, the resulting resentment, the greed of others, the injustice, and the hatred of the rich, but at the same time we also see To those devotees who made people tearful, saw the Spartan 300, and saw those who sacrificed their lives. The blockchain community is sometimes a reduced version of society and history.

Wealth is an extension of morality

A strong morality is to achieve material success through struggle; this morality applies to both the country and the individual. -Russell

Wealth is not only a tool, but an extension of moral personality. For people with high morals, the moral pursuit carried by wealth is far more important than wealth itself.

Understanding the history of Stanford University can help us understand the relationship between wealth and morality.

In order to commemorate their son who died young when they went to study in Europe, the Stanford couple used their lifetime wealth to establish Stanford University, so that more children in California can enjoy a good education in their hometown.

At the beginning of its establishment, Stanford University insisted on not charging fees and advocated equal education for men and women. Later, the old Stanford died soon after. The school’s assets were also frozen due to judicial issues. This makes his widow Jane Stanford life difficult. The president at the time advised her to close the university to reduce living expenses.

However, this great woman not only did not shut down the university, but instead quit her servants and housekeepers. She calculated carefully and subsidized all the money she saved to the school. In this regard, the principal said with emotion, “In this period, the fate of the entire school was completely maintained by the love of a kind-hearted woman.”

Not only that, but Jane Stanford has repeatedly rushed between California and Washington to fight for it with his old age. In the end, the frozen assets were unfrozen and the financial crisis of Stanford University passed the difficult time.

If it weren’t for the beliefs overhead and the conscience in our hearts, we would not understand the behavior of the Stanfords, nor could we understand the phrase “to die with a huge amount of wealth is a shame.”

In the column of Guo Shi Wushuang on Douyin, many people were also introduced. While working hard to make money, they also worked hard to donate money, devoted themselves to charity, glorifying God, or for the moral conscience in their hearts, this must be the world, people and The biggest gap between people.

Freedom, equality, love and morality in DeFi products

The great men of any age are the ones who wake up first to give up wealth, rights, and even freedom and life for the sake of their inner conscience, to practice their beliefs deep in their hearts.

Their spiritual strength comes from the practice of morality and conscience.

In the eyes of conservatives, there is only one kind of real wisdom in the social and political field, and that is practical wisdom.

Conservative thinking firmly believes that the essence of the world is a spiritual phenomenon, and the essence of politics is the art of morality.

The above is not deliberately empty preaching about moral beliefs.

From the French Revolution to the morality advocated by Socrates and conservative thoughts, we just want to integrate the values of freedom, equality, love, morality, belief, etc. into DeFi products.

This may be more important than simply writing code and doing projects to contribute to the industry.

Because the blockchain itself is about freedom and equality, and anonymity is for freedom, not for better evil.

Therefore, popular science’s “freedom” and “ethics” in the blockchain is more important than popular science’s perspective on how to see K-line speculation.

The philosophical significance of blockchain technology

In history, individuals, organizations, and books that specialize in instigating people to get rich are often only a flash in the pan, and they cannot build a truly lasting consensus.

And those collectives that focus on spreading love, kindness, and justice often unintentionally can form a century-old school of thought and even religious beliefs.

So we believe that blockchain technology, like books and art, can also be used to preach and express ideas.

Use technology to spread ideas that promote the progress of human civilization.

Therefore we believe that it is very appropriate to use blockchain technology to make products to interpret freedom, equality and love.

In the DeFis Network, there are a variety of people, combinations of protocols composed of trusted codes, and tokens with various functions. They reach consensus through code rules.

In this, there is a free market, an equal governance system, anonymous donations and free remote collaboration. It’s like a beautiful utopia.




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