Introducing DFS' Pig Double Dex/Plus Double DEX Exchange

4 min readOct 1, 2020

There are a lot of pigs on DFS Farm

DFS Harvest


A lot of pigs, the English name is Pig Double Dex or Plus Double Dex. The abbreviation is PDDEX.

Its positioning is to be a super double decentralized exchange .

Its characteristics are as follows:

Combination of limit order book entry order trading mode and market price flash trading mode

Full-platform transaction aggregator: Provide one-stop pending order and flash exchange transaction services.

Full-platform transaction price comparer: designed to help users to buy the most coins at the lowest price without worry and effort

The aggregation protocol that aggregates the mainstream dex protocol: all popular swap protocols are included, and one cannot be less

The Zhuoduo project is a great supplement to the existing Swap flash swap model. It complements a large area of ​​the decentralized exchange that has always been lacking.

It is a transaction aggregator, a transaction comparer, and the depth of the hot Dex on the entire network that integrate all Dex transactions, forming a super doubled decentralized exchange, and presenting it to users with the traditional K-line + order book UI.

The need it solves is simple: to help users buy the most coins in the most comfortable way, at the lowest price.

The Flashback

Duoduo is the latest DeFi work of DFS Farm.

The second DeFi project jointly initiated by DFS's powerful community developers.

It is also led by a senior DeFi developer from Ethereum.

Please remember his name: Jack.D.

Jack has also worked deeply and loved EOS.

Later, he wandered into Ethereum and became a ruthless brick moving robot.

After becoming rich, I am at a loss and plan to return to my original aspirations, concentrate on writing code, and contribute to a better world.

So he came back. Back to the EOS ecosystem that I once loved.

With the DeFi design ideas and superb development technology that came back from the Ethereum school.

This DEX project was developed for DFS Farm.

Duoduo is like this:

Development based on Swap underlying protocol

Serving traders who have a demand for pending orders or prefer traditional trading modes

All trading transactions are directly connected to the pool of the existing secure Swap protocol. The Zhuoduo contract itself has no additional capital risk

When initiating a transaction, automatically compare prices

The goal of the project is to serve as a public free trading platform traffic entrance. The Zhuoduo project does not issue platform currency, does not issue governance currency, is not profitable, and does not charge any additional handling fees.

Because Jack said that money is the easiest thing in the world.

Pig Duoduo Commemorative Coin: PDD

A commemorative coin issued to celebrate the launch of the Pig Duoduo project.

Total: 1000

Issuance method: no private placement, no reservation, all free airdrops to users who make markets in DFS Swap.


Basically, there is no value except collection.

It does not rule out the establishment of an offline DFS farm in the future, and it is possible to exchange money for real pigs.

Application scenario

The application scenarios are given by the holders themselves.

Pig raising cycle

After studying the pig raising guide, the general cycle is 6 months.

Therefore, a total of 1,000 golden pigs. Raise for 6 months.

Designated feeding food

DBC, the Chinese cabbage produced by DFS Farm, is too scarce and is the favorite of pigs, so the weight is 10

DFS, Doves brand chocolate, weight 3

YFC, to make a fortune brand dried fish, weight 3

Other TOP10 rankings voted by the community in DFS Votes:

The weight of gold mining pool is 3, the weight of silver mining pool is 2, and the weight of bronze mining pool is 1.

LPs with up to 10 trading pairs can feed pigs. There is no weight beyond TOP10.

Genesis feeding pig time

Add farm customer service sister: dfsfarmer

Send the word "raising pig" to join the group chat

October 1st National Day Mid-Autumn Festival at 8 o’clock in the evening, DFS Harvest Farm, creating the world to feed pigs

Risk-free feeding of pigs based on DFS ILPO mapping technology.

Direct link

Pig Duoduo Decentralized Exchange:

Pig farm: To be announced

A sneak peek:

Product principle analysis

Want to buy DFS, obviously go to DFS Swap to buy a good deal:

If you want to buy BOX or NDX, obviously go to Defibox Swap to buy a good deal:

It can be seen that if you choose to initiate a transaction in PDDEX, PDDEX will automatically compare prices between Dex, and then help users buy coins in the most comfortable way in the deepest market.

Eliminates the need for the arbitrage link when the traditional pending order is moved by the robot, and there is no middleman to make the difference.

Better to raise pigs

Your analysis is very organized. But I think it is better to raise pigs. —- Ding Ge

If you are busy speculating coins, you will lose money if you are tired physically and mentally.

Why not come to DFS and raise pigs happily together.

The big pig rose with the same wind in one day, soaring for ninety thousand miles.

If the wind breaks down from time to time, the farm can still hold the cabbage.

When the world sees my constant tune, they all sneer when they hear the words.

Xuan's father is still afraid of offspring, and her husband is still young.




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