DFS’s road to decentralization 5: Qiuh

28 min readNov 12, 2020

Today is November 11, a good day for 4 1s

Such a good day, only one a year

In Chinese, a moral, is too rich a

It's bit by bit, as always, and always going forward

Is unique and unique one day it will be a blockbuster

It's a muddle-headed and a cold exposure

It’s wishful thinking

It’s the one who takes the lead, fights, and becomes famous.

It’s a war with a single heart and a new look


This is a long-announced project

It was originally scheduled to go online in autumn

However, it happened to catch up with the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, and a rainbow of DFS major version updates

So it was delayed until the end of autumn

Good things are worth the wait

Qiuhe TAG's project vision is to redefine EOS

This article is divided into two parts, from the technical realization and design ideas, a strong introduction to the Qiuhe TAG project.

Technical article:Introduction to the Project
Qiuhe Project Introduction
Chinese name: 秋禾

English name: TAG

Homophonic name: Tage

Surface meaning: The Autumn Grain

Deep meaning: The Angel Grant

Significance of release: Around Qiuhe, we will launch a self-reform of EOS ecology.

In the field of hope, the wind blows the fragrance of wheat and rice.

On the way to make EOS great again, we are looking for the right direction together.

Project structure

The Qiuhe project consists of 3 parts:

One, is a delegated voting system

Second, it is a donation system

Third, it is a token mining system

Three small systems are introduced below.

Delegated voting system

An enhanced version of EOS node voting delegation system.

EOS holders delegate the voting votes of EOS to the voting proxy account of DFS. Obtain mining qualifications and mining weights corresponding to the number of delegated votes.

DFS holders, according to the DFS Vote voting interface, a referendum decides which nodes the DFS voting proxy account will vote for.

Music donation system

Public Chain Foundation System

Angel investment system based on smart contracts and community autonomy

Message board on the chain, Dfs Net

Token mining system

A precise token secondary distribution system

The connection between them
The first is music donation. Any organization and any individual can donate any number of currencies. Donations and messages from donors will be remembered in history and will always be recorded on the blockchain.

EOS holders can delegate voting rights of EOS to the DFS community. In order to obtain the mining qualification of the TAG mining pool and the mining weight corresponding to the number of votes.

Secondly, the donated coins can form a mining pool according to their value. It is distributed again by the TAG mining system and distributed to users in the voting system.

The DFS community can vote twice to determine the proxy's vote warehouse and which nodes to vote for. The node being invested may be a new project party, a project party that has always insisted on doing things and provided truly useful services, or a project party that has contributed to the ecology. Since there are only a handful of project parties, the current rate is 10 votes per vote. Later, according to the actual situation, it can be developed to 30 votes consistent with the system.

When the number of proxy ticket warehouses is enough for the voted node to get the EOS that is issued daily by the system. The TAG system has officially transformed into an angel foundation system on the EOS public chain: it is also the meaning of " The Angel Grant ".

The function of " The Angel Grant " is to control the distribution rights of the additional EOS issued by the system, and the community decides which project parties are allocated. The additional EOS is used to support the development of new project parties and support the expenditure of actual projects. Grant is the most missing part of the EOS ecosystem. In addition to the foundation, Ethereum also has a crowdfunding platform for the Gitcoin Grant project. Polkadot, TRON, and IOST also have foundations to support developers. Only EOS, only loneliness. The Angel Grant is a more advanced Grant system in design. If TAG can succeed, it is much more advanced than the Ethereum Foundation and the Polkadot Foundation.

Feedback from the invested project party: Analogous to the students who are funded by their alma mater, after they succeed, they can take the way of giving back to the foundation according to their own wishes. Successful project parties supported by "The Angel Grant" may donate excess node proceeds or their project tokens back to the "Happy Donation System". For example, the DFS project party will take the lead in donating part of the proceeds to the music donation system every day to help the TAG system attract more EOS votes.

Simple flowchart
EOS users (>>>>delegated voting>>>>) DFS proxy ticket warehouse

DFS users (>>>>Vote together>>>>) DFS proxy ticket warehouse (>>>>Vote based on results>>>>) node

Individuals, project parties, entrepreneurs, philanthropists (>>>>Le Donation>>>>) Le donation system

Le Donation System (>>>>Mining and Redistribution>>>>) EOS Voters

Project party (>>>>Giving back to donation>>>>) donation system

The accumulation of funds in the music donation system increases >> The number of entrusted votes increases >> The proportion of additional EOS issuances in the controllable system increases >> The number of projects that can be supported increases >> A better and better virtuous circle

Allocate the EOS issued by the system to the right people.

There are more people doing things, and a public chain will provide the basic conditions for value precipitation.

TAG token introduction
TAG is an algorithmically fixed increase of 0.01 coins per second.

In terms of the number of tokens, 0.01 per second means that on the time axis, the number of tokens is infinite.

Time is infinite, but life is boundless. If you zoom in on the time axis,

Zoom in to 1 day, 864 TAGs are added every day

Zoom in to January, 25920 TAGs are added every month

Zooming in to one year, 315,360 TAGs are added every year

Magnified to 10 years, there will be 3153600 TAGs in 10 years

If you zoom in to 100 years, there will be 31536000 TAGs in 100 years.

The number is unlimited in theory, but due to the constraints of time parameters, it is destined to live, and the number of TAGs is limited.

The following understand TAG from two perspectives:

Total number of tokens and inflation rate .

Total tokens

Due to the token release rules, it can be described in one sentence: 0.01 TAG is issued every second.

Therefore, the total amount of tokens formula:

y = time_elapsed * 0.01
This is a proportional function with y = kx, where the k constant is 0.01.

The function image, on the two-dimensional rectangular coordinates of the plane, is expressed as: a straight line extending obliquely upwards with a scale of 0.01 from 0 as the origin, and its shape is like a ladder.

Token inflation rate
Although inflation is eternal in quantity, the inflation rate is eternally shrinking.

Month 1: Genesis Mining: 25920

The second month: 25920 new stock 25920 1 = 25920, its monthly inflation is 25920/25920 100 = 100%

In the third month: 25920 new stock 25920 2 = 51840, its monthly inflation is 25920/51840 100 = 50%

The fourth month: 25,920 new stock 25920 3 = 77760, its monthly inflation is 25920/77760 100 = 33.33%

The 12th month: 25920 new stock 25920 11 = 285120, its monthly inflation is 25920/285120 100 = 9.09%

Token inflation rate formula:

y = 1 / x
y is the inflation rate in a certain period of time, and x is the time. The longer the time, the smaller the inflation rate, and the inflation rate will infinitely approach zero.

The function image, in the planar two-dimensional rectangular coordinates, is shown as: In the first quadrant of the positive number domain, the upwardly infinitely large and downwardly infinitely small curved diminishing image, its shape is like a crescent moon.

Therefore, TAG is an elegant token with a mathematical model whose token quantity algorithm is a positive proportional function and the token inflation rate algorithm is an inverse proportional function.

We put the token quantity function and the token inflation rate function together and draw a picture,

Then it looks like a picture of a ladder and a crescent moon.

A coin with a beautiful and visual sense on the mathematical model.

Combining the image of the wheat ear and the sickle, and its function image, you can also draw some marks like this:

So why issue TAG, except for the meaning of commemorative coins.

Another reason is that if there is such an elegant coin on the EOS public chain, it should be more interesting.

Distribution rules
The release rules have been introduced above.

The distribution rule refers to how the released TAG is distributed to each user.

N% of the released coins will be donated to the Le donation system. (REX, CPU mapping mining. The resource mortgage system and REX system of the EOS public chain itself are used. The principal security level is the highest.)

n% is allocated to the TAG/EOS LP mining pool. (Familiar LP mapping mining.)

The TAG in the Le donation system is obtained through delegated voting and mining.
The TAG of the TAG/EOS LP mining pool is obtained through market-making TAG/EOS mapping mining.

The distribution percentage will be adjusted according to actual conditions. Early 50% vs. 50%. In the later stage, the music donation part will be appropriately reduced, and the LP pool part will be increased.

Among them, the income rules of the voting pool:

It is related to the voting time and the number of delegated votes
Interest rate marketization, as participants increase or decrease, interest rates may increase or decrease
Among them, the mapping mining ranking rules of the TAG/EOS LP mining pool are as follows:

Wealthy and self-willed area: 1-20 people, 1.3 times
Diligence to make up for the poor area: 21-50 people, 1.5 times
Although defeated, the district: 51-100, 1.1 times
Uncontested zone: out of 100, no weight bonus
The features of the TAG/EOS LP mining pool are as follows:

Hard work to get rich:

Competitive ranking areas can always gain more than uncontested areas

Rules and fair balance of power:

Large households have the advantages of large households

Scientists have the advantage of scientists

Retail investors have the advantages of retail investors

The competitive power formed by all participants has reached a triangular balance

Retail friendly:

On the other hand, in order to take care of the incompetent zone, the algorithm is fund-friendly. One big fund is divided into ten parts every time, according to the formula. Comprehensive income can increase by about 3%.

10000 - 10000 * Math.pow(0.9999, 86400 * 0.001)
= 86.0321
10000 - 10000 * Math.pow(0.9999, 86400 * 0.01)
= 827.7669

important hint:

In the second pool mining, the competition and game are as fierce as a battlefield, requiring participants, skilled operations and accurate cost calculations. If not optimistic about TAG, I want to hold it for a long time. It is recommended to use EOS voting mining method to obtain TAG without risk.

Project summary

Qiuhe is a set of public welfare infrastructure full of idealism.

As a Grant system, it is a basic component of a public chain that does not make money.

It consists of three parts: donation, voting, and mining.

Among them, Le donation is an abstract collective, essentially a public welfare fund.

The voting system is a blockchain community governance with more decentralized rights, so that the starting point of voting for nodes becomes: public opinion is greater than public opinion .

The mining system can be understood as a return system exclusively for EOS holders.

Here, EOS is a golden hoe. You can earn a variety of tokens by lying in the REX system with peace of mind and delegate voting.

Said to redefine EOS, it is from this feature. EOS holders no longer need to run around for a few points of income, just entrust tickets to DFS to earn various coins.

Accept the temper from EOS

This life of EOS can be tempered. It should only be self-sufficient happiness. If you fail to reach this state, your pain will never be saved. — Aristotle

Most people who hold EOS are suffering. People who have bought 150 yuan of EOS deeply feel that holding EOS is being harvested and cheated, and it is a flaw in the investment road.

The happiness of holding EOS can only be given by yourself.

The ecology and currency price of EOS are closely related to each EOS holder.

If you don't just want to mine.

Please continue reading, in the literature article, we will in-depth interpretation of how to improve the EOS ecosystem through voting.

The meaning and prospect of TAG naming:

Qiuhe hopes that in the face of the internal and external troubles of the grapefruit public chain, we will continue to strive for self-improvement and start a grassroots project node counterattack.

Tage is the hope that when the mountains and flowers are in bloom, in the harvest season of the Dafeng Harvest Farm, fishermen, woods, and farmers will rest and celebrate together.

Popular Science: The Design Ideas Behind the Project

The importance of voting
Let me talk about voting first.

Voting is a philosophical topic that can be talked about from the French Revolution.

Innate human rights, freedom and equality are the keynotes of modern Western civilization for hundreds of years.

Democracy is inseparable from voting. The vote is small, but it matters a lot.

Let me give you two examples:

Failed voting case

In France in 1774, Louis XVI on the throne convened a three-level conference at the Palace of Versailles due to financial problems. Attempt to increase taxes on the third level to relieve the government's financial crisis.

The third-level representatives demanded the formulation of a constitution, restrictions on royal power, and reforms. Louis XVI attempted to increase taxes and held a national meeting to vote.

There are two kinds of voting at the beginning, one is class voting, that is, one vote for each class, and the other is to select some representatives to vote.

The former is extremely unfair, with a total of three votes. The king basically has two votes, so proceed according to the second method.

The third rank elects representatives and the first and second ranks vote.

Originally, the first and second ranks were dominant in terms of numbers, but some second-rank aristocrats made different choices and voted for the third rank, so the third rank won with a slight advantage of 17 votes (first rank 291 Votes, 270 votes for the second level, 578 votes for the third level).

At this point, Louis XVI went back and forced a tax increase.

So on June 17, the third-level representatives announced the establishment of the National Assembly, which was renamed the Constituent Assembly on July 9.
At that time, Louis XVI mobilized the army to disperse the parliament, igniting an armed uprising of the people of Paris, that is, the subsequent capture of the Bastille.

The capture of the Bastille is considered a symbol of the outbreak of the French Revolution.

This failed vote became the fuse of the French Revolution.

Successful voting cases:

The plot in "The Twelve Angry Men" is reversed, from being selfish and public, asking for a collective vote to kill an innocent boy, to selfless and public, and unanimously releasing the boy. It explains the importance of public opinion in voting.

The importance of voting is as large as it concerns the destiny of the country, as small as it concerns the lives of individuals.

The essence of Rousseau's thought: the general will in voting
Rousseau was a famous thinker and philosopher during the French Enlightenment. His life was full of legends. It is the spiritual totem of France.

Napoleon said: "Without Rousseau, there would be no French Revolution", which shows the great influence of Rousseau.

Rousseau compared the image of the relationship between man and society as a contract, and proposed that everyone is born free and equal. It was these ideas that guided the subsequent French Revolution.

The "freedom, equality, and fraternity" of the French Revolution that followed became deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and had a profound impact on future generations.

In the quintessence of Rousseau's thought, there is a concept called general will , which corresponds to the concept of "common will" .

simply put,

The general will is to ignore oneself when voting, proceed from the overall situation, and vote for the public interest.

The consensus is that when you vote, you care about yourself, proceed from your own interests, and vote for your own interests.

A simple example:

Suppose someone initiates a proposal to increase taxes by 20% from the rich and distribute them to people in slums.

Most of the voting participants are university professors.

So university professors, when voting, there must be a large number of people who are classified as wealthy and are the objects of the proposal. Therefore, starting from their own interests, they certainly do not want to lose 20%, so they cast veto votes. This part is a vote of public opinion based on their own interests.

No amount of votes from all opinions is meaningless.

And voting from the general will: First of all, you must assume that you are not a professor, but you are reborn as a poor man and become a worker. Do you want the country to tax the rich at this time?

The general will is the real interest of the collective, which is equivalent to the common good (public welfare); if everyone can act selflessly, then the general will is the will of everyone. — Rousseau

Talking about EOS price issue from public opinion
If Rousseau’s concepts of public opinion and general will are too abstract, you don’t understand it,

So, a simple example:

The EOS ecosystem has improved. The EOS in your hand has increased by 20%, but the amount remains the same.

The EOS ecosystem has deteriorated. The EOS in your hand has fallen by 20%, but the number has increased by 5%.

The difference is that the extra 5% of the amount cannot cover the loss of the currency price when the currency price drops.

The general will is for the sake of a better ecology. Coin holders vote together to allow EOS to rise by 20%.

The consensus is that in order to earn 5% more EOS, token holders voted to make EOS fall by 20%.

Therefore, the long-term decline in the price of EOS and the loss of value lies in the result of the vote.

Everyone ignored the importance of voting, so they voted to make EOS continue to become garbage.

The root of the problem

Like mining in the second pool, when the price of the currency falls more than the profit of the mined currency. No matter how hard you try to mine, it is in vain.

If you have played the second pool game, you will clearly know that the weight of the second pool should not only be high, but also to avoid white prostitution.

Think of EOS as a mining coin that is mined by voting, then the current weight of the second pool is too low, and prostitutes are too ruthless.

If we don't change the gameplay and weights, then in the long run, the value of EOS will continue to be lost, and it will only fall to an infinitely close to zero, until all the sticking EOS coins are cut off.

As for the method of change, DFS has already explored it.

It is to let the community proxy the ticket warehouse with more than 50 million votes.

In this way, the DFS community can start from the common will and make collective decisions to make good project parties.

Then give the EOS that is issued daily to those project parties. This allows many project parties who have no funds at the initial stage to have basic funds for sustainable development. When the project team is well, they can give positive feedback and donate the proceeds back to the foundation. Therefore, the line becomes a virtuous circle.

When the additional EOS is issued, it is a node for the project parties to do things and provide high-quality services. This is the reduction of illegal prostitution and the precipitation of value. As a result, EOS will rise.

In fact, if a public chain is promising, the growth and precipitation of its value network will increase the currency price by far greater than 10%.

And if there is no hope for a public chain, even if the inflation rate is low, it will only be a constant loss of value. There will be no value precipitation.

The loss of value is the loss of talents, the loss of developers, and the loss of investors.

The root of the problem lies in most people who don't know how to vote.

Public welfare and freedom
Rousseau said that people are truly free only if they do not rely on a specific person.

Relying on a specific person is enslaved and unequal.

For example, an entrepreneur had a lot of money and wanted to do charity, so he chose a poor child and gave the money to the child.

Excuse me, is this child free?

In Rousseau's eyes, this child is not free and enslaved. Even if the entrepreneur's money is given to children, it is not asking for return. But the child owes him a favor, and favor is sometimes fatal.

Isn't this doing bad things well? So how can entrepreneurs and children have a good experience?

Rousseau proposed to establish a charity organization, where entrepreneurs donate money to charity organizations, and then the charity organization, an abstract collective, donates the entrepreneurs' money to selected children.

At this time, entrepreneurs donated money to an abstract collective.

The child is sponsored by an abstract group.

The entrepreneur and the child do not know each other's existence. Through the intermediate collective of public welfare, decoupling. The mutual "slavery" relationship was lifted.

What's even more powerful is that with this charity organization, you can accept donations from many entrepreneurs at the same time, and then help multiple children at the same time.

From the original one-to-one enslavement relationship.

Transformed into a many-to-many relationship.

A child’s money may come from multiple entrepreneurs.

The same entrepreneur's money may be divided into multiple shares to help multiple children.

Entrepreneurs got the charity and reputation they wanted.

And the children also got practical help from the abstract collective.

In addition, there is no psychological burden. When you grow up, you can directly report back to this collective organization, or use the same behavior to donate to the collective.

The ultimate interpretation of free details. This is Rousseau's thought.

The originality of TAG’s donation system originated from this.

Voting and freedom

When you have the right to vote. You are in a Rousseau-like state of natural freedom.

The purpose of voting is to make some people realize that "I was wrong, I misunderstood the general will", and I was convinced.

If you are not convinced. You need to reflect on whether you consider your own interests or public interests when you vote.

As long as you always start from the perspective of public opinion and participate in voting and decision-making frequently, you will be free.

DFS gift

Change the EOS ecosystem. It's not just a project of DFS. It is a common thing for all EOS holders and other project parties in the ecosystem.

We have developed this foundation grant system for the EOS ecology, making it the infrastructure of a public chain.

As an ecosystem, a project that currently realizes Weiwei's positive profitability, we take the lead in making donations to help this system operate normally.

Donate part of the income from the handling fee account to this donation system.

The ecology is bad, nothing will be too good.
The ecology is better, nothing will be too bad.

The urgency of change
When only a few individuals are aware of the existence of change, they will be hindered when they push it.
And those who stay in place will never understand the suffocation in the chest of others.

The conservatives in the late Qing Dynasty did not necessarily feel that they and the country needed to change until they died.

In the face of changes in the times, everyone is trying to create history, and they are all being trapped in history. Above everyone's small destiny, there is a big destiny that cannot be shaken off.

Just as Li Hongzhang laughed at himself, his life is just a "papermaker" in the wind and rain. The stage that the environment of the times can provide him has fallen, and he is facing the predicament of "the boat is big and the water is small", and he will be stranded after a few moves.

Taking history as a mirror, the public chain is the soil for the development of DeFi. If the ecology is unbearable and the miasma is, it will be the dilemma of "big boats and small waters". Any creation can't get out of the situation of mutual separation of ecological stocks, and how can it go to the public.

Therefore, change is the most important thing in EOS ecology.

Protracted war
The core problem of EOS is, on the surface, b1's non-governance in the community. In essence, it is not so simple.

The governance of EOS is open.

It is a fair mechanism in theory. If you control 21 nodes, you can control the entire public chain.

So the dividing line between centralization and decentralization falls on the control of 21 nodes.

If the control of this 21st node is allowed to be centralized, it will form an unbreakable and indivisible interest group. Then there is no doubt that this is a hopeless EOE.

Fortunately, it has not yet reached that point.

We still have the opportunity to regain control of 21 nodes.

The communityization of the right to vote for block producers is a long-term battle.

The four stages of protracted war

The first stage is the glow of fireflies, the lighting direction
This is our initial stage. The small target is 5 million to 10 million votes.

We are currently at this initial stage, and everything seems extremely difficult.

10 million votes should be the largest number of votes that retail investors can strive to achieve.

Reached 10 million votes. It shows that we have united retail investors.

The second stage is a single spark, which can start a prairie fire
The goal for the second stage is 30 million votes. At this time, just relying on retail votes is no longer enough.

The strength of overseas communities needs to join us.

Those big guys who have built positions with three pieces need to join us.

Only in this way can it be possible to reach the mid-stage threshold of 30 million votes.

The third stage is rebirth from the ashes, Phoenix Pannier
The goal at this stage is to reach 50 million votes. At this time, it is difficult to grow only by the votes in our hands.

You need to leverage the tickets in the exchange, and you need to transform the ticket warehouses that are grouped together for the node's additional revenue.

Let it vote for the general will.

The fourth stage is the nine days of the phoenix dance, and a journey of thousands of miles
If the votes of DFS community representatives continue to grow to more than 100 million.

At this stage, the general will of the community as a whole will be far greater than the public will.

Individual selfish genes can no longer control the fate of the whole.

The power of the masses represented by the DFS community has begun to grasp the distribution rights of the EOS tokens issued by the EOS public chain.

With the retake of the dominance of EOS that the community can control. The EOS issued by the system can make the best use of it and give it to the project parties who really do things and want to do things. In the long run, more and more high-quality projects will be invited.

The final victory is to obtain the communityization of the right to vote for block nodes and candidate nodes, decentralize the EOS issued by the system, and further decentralize the EOS public chain.

The cold night of winter will pass, and the dawn will come. EOS will be better tomorrow.

Such a magnificent ecological transformation in Yuzi Village. Without widespread and in-depth mobilization, victory cannot be achieved.

To win, we must persist in the War of Resistance, the united front, and the protracted war. However, all this is inseparable from mobilizing the grapefruit holders of the entire grapefruit village.

To win and neglect the mobilization is called "the south is the same but the other is the same." The result will inevitably be no victory.

What is mobilization?

The first is to tell everyone the importance of voting and the purpose of voting.

Make everyone understand why they vote, and what voting has to do with them. What is the relationship between voting and currency prices and EOS ecology?

The purpose of the voting is to "drive out useless machine gun pool nodes and zombie nodes, and establish a grapefruit village where freedom and equality can precipitate value."

It is necessary to tell everyone about this purpose to create a wave of active voting. Make everyone unanimous and contribute to TAG.

Secondly, it is not enough to just state the purpose, but also explain the steps and policies to achieve this goal. How to mortgage, how to vote, and explain the security of the mortgage, so that you can vote without worries.

Second, how to mobilize? Rely on words, relying on video, relying on posters, relying on the community, relying on advertising, relying on large households and so on.
There is a drop in the ocean, and no one is missing.

Secondly, it is not enough to mobilize once, mobilization is frequent. It is necessary to frequently share the situation with each other, actively discuss the gap between the current goals and the reality, and turn what to do next and how to optimize the mobilization plan into a regular exercise.

This is a great event. Our voting war depends on it to win.

The mobilizer is not a specific person, but everyone who has agreed with the design goals and vision of the TAG system.

Word of mouth, convey the importance of voting.

Let us make good use of the TAG system. Complete the ecological transformation of the voting battlefield.

One pass ten, ten pass a hundred to change everyone's view and mentality of EOS.

Although it is very difficult, it is worth trying.

Failure is not terrible
Many reforms in history were mostly failures. Although it failed, it left valuable experience and material for history.

Therefore, even if we fail. It doesn't matter.

This will create a better blockchain public chain for future generations, leaving very valuable experience.

As long as the Farm Rebel Army persists in the War of Resistance and the united front, its military and economic power can be gradually strengthened. And our opponents, after the continuous weakening of the coin withdrawal movement, their military and economic power will inevitably undergo opposite changes.

The power of decentralization will be strong, and the power of selflessness will unite the community.

We can assert that the rise of EOS under the protracted war will be a glorious and special page in all public chain history.

It will become a typical representative of decentralized power over centralized power.

The continuous decline of EOS is the result of voting.

EOS's gains will be the result of voting.

Through the united efforts of retail investors to regain control of the EOS public chain, this matter will undoubtedly be a very strong event in the history of blockchain governance. This hope is not empty.

Our itinerary is close to this point, just add the efforts of most people, I believe that the goal will be achieved.

Vote Vote Vote
Vote. Vote. Vote —- Donald J. Trump

At the time of writing this article, it coincided with the US election.

Voting is the essence of liberal democracy.

Voting is an important little thing.

Voters are small enough to disdain voting, but it is important to the fate of the entire country.

Looking in the small, it is freedom and equality, and in the big, it is decentralized collaboration, which is an evaluation indicator of the pros and cons of the collaboration model between humans.

The more advanced voting is explored, the more it can reflect the decentralized nature of the system.

The highest state of voting and decision-making is the cornerstone of the modern civilization development route of the democratic and free school.

In any case, voting is a thing worthy of your participation.

If you want to understand the blockchain more deeply, you don't just stop at speculating coins. Then start with the trivial matter of voting.

What If
If after working hard, things are contrary to expectations, then God must have other arrangements.

The old leeks of EOS know it. What If is the mantra of BM. In the past two years, from time to time, I said "What If" to anger you.

What If, after three years, EOS still has no hope, or hope is still on the way.

What If, three years later, the EOS public chain has become an abandoned place where people and land are lost, value is exhausted, and evil dragons are entrenched.

So, we who stick to the end will take DFS's development team and community to move to new places and rebuild Dafeng Harvest Farm.

Qiuhe TAG project. It is a commemorative coin issued by the DFS Node Program. According to its distribution model, about 1 million will be distributed in three years.

If, after three years, everything we do goes against our wishes. The EOS public chain resolutely failed.

Due to various reasons and historical burdens, it has inevitably become a depletion of value. The evil dragon is entrenched, there is no hope, and no one is used. Only the old people go, and the new people are not coming.

Then, sticking to the final DFS, will bring the core development team and the former communities and users to find another home to rebuild the Dafeng Harvest Farm, and continue the farm contract for a hundred years.

At that time, TAG and DFS will be mapped together as coins on the new public chain at a ratio of 1:1.

The new home may be an application chain, a parachain, or just a part of the future public chain ecology.

The current cross-chain technology continues to update and evolve, and ETH2.0 is also steadily advancing. The future public chain structure is full of uncertainty, and everything is possible.

With the modularization and open source of the underlying components of the public chain, and the gradual maturity of the one-click chain development kit, perhaps in the future, a million TPS public chain that can be connected to other ecosystems will be built. It only costs $40.

As written in the stupidest public chain that can make the best DeFi , exploring the application of decentralization does not need to be stuck on which public chain.

The most important thing is creativity, enthusiasm, execution, and the visible future, so I dare to take firm and strong steps on the unknown road of blockchain application.

When we built a new big harvest farm, our goal was to make Internet-level products acceptable to the public.

Therefore, we carefully create products for mass users, make scientific and reasonable growth plans, and gradually preach and promote digital finance with the strategy of dripping water through stones and step by step. Let the new generation of Internet products built around blockchain technology reach millions of households and into the world of a new generation of young people.

Nonsense: a serious nonsense

Nonsense, crazy milk, maybe you can't even believe the punctuation.

Out of circle
When the pig grows up, it is natural to open the pigpen, make it out of the pen, make it run freely, make it release its nature, make it rise with the wind, the pig dances for nine days, make it hit three thousand miles in the water, and the pig can reach thousands of miles Only in this way can the true meaning of freedom be interpreted, and only then can a maverick, aloof, free pig. -"True Pig"

Evangelizing bitcoin and blockchain ideas is like raising pigs.

It is different from the breeding route of hogs who are eager to harvest and eat meat.

Breed a pig with thinking, a pig with thinking, a pig with the true meaning of freedom and love.

So this pig raising job seems to have a long way to go. It's definitely not an overnight job.

Back to the topic, how does the work of evangelizing the blockchain go?

In the later period, we will invite professional workers in multiple fields to conduct publicity and science popularization work to the public based on the professional perspective of their respective fields.

Around the knowledge points in economics, history, literature, philosophy, mathematics, cryptography, smart contract development and other fields, a series of easy-to-understand blockchain science articles are written. Create a large-scale blockchain knowledge network with cultural heritage and all content on the chain.

Actively preach to the outside world the past and present of the digital reform of the Internet and the inevitable historical process.

Grapefruit disqualification
The EOS public chain is at the bottom of the public chain and despise the chain.

"Your whole family holds EOS" has changed from a commendatory to a derogatory one.

After all, it is too good, too maverick, and too unintelligible to outsiders. As a result, they were excluded and isolated.

The story of "Disqualification in the World" depicts the old moral order in Japan at that time. This order emphasizes collectivism, suppresses and obliterates the development of human personality, and is full of darkness.

Although we are not in the era of Osamu Dazai, there are still many people who can resonate with Ye Zang, the protagonist of "Disqualification in the World", and experience the fear of " being abandoned by everyone if you don't cater to it ".

This is not only a psychological problem, but also a social and cultural problem.

Looking around, there are always places where collectivism is still respected and individual will be contemptuous, but to varying degrees.

It is very possible that a person just obeyed the heart and did nothing to hurt anyone.

But sometimes, under the mental inertia of despising the individual and embracing the collective, those who follow their wishes will be unfamiliar to the people around them, and even regarded as "alien".

It is always difficult to be born. Clarify your true status quo, consider your sense of measure, and consider where your "moderate" is. Leave an open space for the soul, on the trails around the open space, and don't stop others from coming and going.

Born to be grapefruit, I'm sorry.

DFS development requirements list
The development needs of DFS often come from the community. There are already a lot of requirements collected at present.

These also represent some plans and small goals that DFS is doing and may be doing, but not necessarily doing:

Trading, financial management, lending, synthetic assets, cross-chain asset agreement, DFS Link (decentralized oracle based on transaction quotation), lossless welfare lottery, prediction market, vOrderbook, vAMM, CASS platform (code as servie), blockchain Identity ID, community on the chain, encrypted chat based on cryptography, data analysis on the chain, blockchain game, NFT trading platform, etc.

TAG core developer introduction
TAG's core architecture ideas include profound philosophy, economy, and history.

If you are not familiar with philosophy, economics and three hundred poems of Tang Dynasty. It is difficult for ordinary people to set up such a system that seems to be broken, but in fact interlocking.

The following is a strong introduction to the three hitters. They contributed ideas and codes to have today's TAG system.

If TAG can really redefine EOS, they will contribute.

Three Farmers:

The sweeping boy in Jiuchixiang Street: A Cai

The manure digging boy at Sanchakou Hotel: Ad

Dishwashing girl in a light restaurant: cauliflower

To a bright future
The true globalization has just begun today. — The man behind Double Eleven

The man behind Double Eleven undoubtedly understands blockchain thinking. But in his public speech, he used a more abstract term: digitalization.

Digitization is a more abstract and higher-dimensional description than blockchain.

Blockchain technology and blockchain public chain infrastructure are just a small subset of digitization.

Therefore, we are engaged in the exploration of the application of blockchain technology, in fact, we are engaged in the exploration of the historical process of the digital revolution.

The world epidemic has greatly accelerated the historical process of digitalization.

As small as corporate offices, as large as the US general election. The demand for the efficiency of production collaboration to be redefined and transformed by digital technology is about to emerge.

In today's world, among all the huge uncertainties, we believe that the general trend of digitalization is certain and inevitable.

Digitalization will definitely transform all industries.

In the future, not every company will have to transform, but every company should upgrade. To complete the digital upgrade, it needs to arm itself with digital.

Digital technology will redefine Internet identity, redefine social networks, redefine manufacturing, redefine retail, redefine technology, redefine production materials, and redefine everything.

Even soon, this technology will trigger many changes in the production relations of the whole society.

Everything we do is not to get praise or affirmation, not to win applause. Not to win recognition, not to win policy and official support. But we believe in our hearts, we like, and we believe.

Communicate with the world with a future vision, a strategic vision, and make the world better and better through our own efforts.