DFS’s road to decentralization 5: Qiuh


Project structure

Music donation system

Token mining system

Total tokens

Popular Science: The Design Ideas Behind the Project

Napoleon said: "Without Rousseau, there would be no French Revolution", which shows the great influence of Rousseau.

The root of the problem

The urgency of change
When only a few individuals are aware of the existence of change, they will be hindered when they push it.
And those who stay in place will never understand the suffocation in the chest of others.

The four stages of protracted war

Nonsense: a serious nonsense

Out of circle
When the pig grows up, it is natural to open the pigpen, make it out of the pen, make it run freely, make it release its nature, make it rise with the wind, the pig dances for nine days, make it hit three thousand miles in the water, and the pig can reach thousands of miles Only in this way can the true meaning of freedom be interpreted, and only then can a maverick, aloof, free pig. -"True Pig"

To a bright future
The true globalization has just begun today. — The man behind Double Eleven



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