Oct 24, 2020

18 min read

DFS’s road to decentralization 4: A Rainbow

Article: Special One

Today is a particularly good day.

Today is October 24th, which is a very special day.

There are three special places,

The first special: a number.

Today is 1024, World Programmer's Day.

They are generally social and verbal, preferring to hide behind the scenes in silence. Rumor has it that there is a belief between them, known as the Coder Creed:

All the bugs are virtual, all the yards are allowed. They plough into the darkness, but serve the light. They are code-based code-goers who defend world peace.

The second special: a poem

The third special: a spirit.

Special update released on special day: A rainbow.

The distribution model of DFS is about to usher in a significant improvement.

The first half explains why the distribution model was modified, how the new mechanism worked after the modification, and how the modified results were expected.

The second half interprets the beautiful implications of DFS's new Logo and the positioning adjustment of the upgraded DFS.

About the reasons for the model correction.

Dynamic yield, static interest rate.

Model Numerical Design 0: Level and segment of the mine pool.

The pool is divided into small grades, for a total of 21 levels:

Model Numerical Design 1: Mine Pool Distribution Map.

Model Numerical Design 2: Static interest rate of the mine pool.

Model effect preview

This will lay the foundation for further centralization of DFS: the distributive model.

The time the model was applied online.

DFS Logo upgrade.

DFS is certainly better because there are a lot of people working for it.