DFS’s road to decentralization 4: A Rainbow

18 min readOct 24, 2020

Article: Special One

Today is a particularly good day.

Today is October 24th, which is a very special day.

There are three special places,

The first special: a number.

Today is 1024, World Programmer's Day.

This festival pays tribute to the silent devotees behind this era: the talented, selfless, ordinary and ordinary programmers.

Behind every Internet product you've used, it's made up of code that countless programmers tap with their hands.

Programmers are like 1024, in a low-key, down-to-earth, robust way, write a core functional module, a little bit to build today's technology world.

They are generally social and verbal, preferring to hide behind the scenes in silence. Rumor has it that there is a belief between them, known as the Coder Creed:

All the bugs are virtual, all the yards are allowed. They plough into the darkness, but serve the light. They are code-based code-goers who defend world peace.

Yet under the oppression of the mainstream culture of China's Internet company 996, it is a hard-working and heart-tinging profession for programmers who sound cool and well-paid.

The experience of a considerable number of older programmers is heartbreaking:

Behind you there are young people you chase me, there is a 35-year-old career crisis ahead, and in reality is often overtime, even basic social and learning time has not been.

So in the first two years, there were unsympanced programmers who launched an open source project on the github website called 996.icu, an event that made a noise for programmers that quickly made headlines and went on a hot search and swept the world in a matter of days.

The project, with 252,000 star, 211,000 forks, 45,000watches, and 611 collaborators, has been translated into more than 30 national languages, making it one of the world's largest open source projects.

Programmers usually live in the network, programmers' inner depression, but also can only voice on the network, the heat of this event, and even triggered the Internet tycoon's voice, such as some people say 996 is a blessing, some people say that brothers to work overtime and so on a variety of views.

The event originated in the network, and eventually fell silent on the network, as if it had not happened, as if it had not happened, leaving only github in the history of the code, and recorded.

Programmers are just an ordinary and ordinary industry. The nature of their work, like the farming era, wheat field workers, and therefore, they self-deprecating as yard farmers.

In fact, every programmer has a dream in mind: learning technology is not all about changing the world, but simply want to make the world a better place.

God or ordinary construction workers in the code world are just as cool. It's not hard to do one thing if it's out of love.

1024, it's enough to have such a day remembered every year.

Happy holidays, programmers 🥂

The second special: a poem

Today is the lunar calendar "September 8", as early as three months ago in the DFS lying flat rest hall, has mentioned "stay until autumn to September 8", referring to today.

September 8th is a special day. Turning to the history books of China, more than a thousand years ago, the leader of the peasant uprising at the end of the Tang Dynasty, after he had dropped the first place in his section, wrote a magnificent statement in the face of a list without his own name:

Until autumn to September 8th, I spend a hundred flowers to kill. The fragrance of the sky through Chang'an, full of the city with gold armor.

The background of the times is the end of Shengtang, official power, political corruption, the whole society is full of holes, the people do not talk about life.

Although the main character failed the exam, it didn't drown out his dream of making the world a better country.

He launched one of the longest and most far-reaching peasant uprisings. In this uprising, he pioneered the guerrilla model and the Long March model. The use of mobile warfare, to avoid the reality of virtual, footprints all over the half of the Tang Dynasty, relying on constant harassment, shake the rule of the Tang Dynasty.

However, due to the long-term liquidity war, there is no stable rear support, lack of economic security and mass base. Unfortunately, in the end they failed.

The nature of this peasant uprising is like DFS's grass-roots rise.

The initiator of this peasant uprising event, he dropped the first, ten years of book white reading, but led the peasant uprising, completed his tragic mission, its experience and characteristics, but also with the DFS promoter of the "high school entrance examination failed to send takeaway, self-treading programming to do development" people set up

The third special: a spirit.

You're chasing something big, something that's beyond the common understanding.
Niney-nine percent of the world is content to do nothing, what can you expect them to understand about you? I never had any illusions about them "understanding me" because I knew what I was trying to do and they couldn't understand it. Kobe Bryant.

24, is the jersey number of the great NBA legend, Kobe Bryant.

Kobe, it's the youth of a generation. Even if you don't play basketball, people who don't watch the NBA, they've heard more or less of Kobe Bryant's name.

The spirit conveyed by Bryant in his autobiography, The Spirit of Mmba, is in fact an extremely powerful mode of thinking.

It's not about finding results, it's about how you do it, it's about the process from reality to goal.

It's a journey, a way, a way of life. Of all the efforts, having this mentality is the most important.

Speaking of the spirit of Mmba, we can think of:

It's Kobe who never gives up, never gives up,

It was Kobe Bryant who trained at 4 a.m. in New York.

It's Kobe Bryant, the unstoppable little flyer on the field.

It's Kobe Bryant, the hard man who's torn his tendon and can stand up and finish the game,

It's Kobe, the team's weak, stubborn, five-and-a-dozen loners,

It's Kobe Bryant, the team leader who's a strong team, who's happy to help bring new guys to the fore.

Is single-to-one, choose basketball, choose the Lakers, from beginning to end, career has not left the Lakers,

It's strong

Special update released on special day: A rainbow.

Today is such a special day.

On the one hand, it pays tribute to programmers, on the other hand, it emphasizes the grass-roots temperament of DFS, on the other hand, it emphasizes the Mamba spirit in DFS community culture.

In addition, we choose to release a special update on DFS on this special day:

The distribution model of DFS is about to usher in a significant improvement.

This is an improvement on the third distribution model, this V3 version of the DFS distribution model, which we call: DFS Model3.

This article consists of two topics:

Evolution of the DFS distribution model: 6 segments of the mine pool, 21 small levels, and the legendary rainbow pool.

Upgrade of DFS Logo: Stable isomeh triangle with light tricolor.

The first half explains why the distribution model was modified, how the new mechanism worked after the modification, and how the modified results were expected.

The second half interprets the beautiful implications of DFS's new Logo and the positioning adjustment of the upgraded DFS.

About models.

About the reasons for the model correction.

The reason for the model's correction is to make up for the shortcomings in the current distribution model.

This deficiency actually has a considerable impact.

Mr. Nan Miyayuan, a well-known project conductor, once written a message calling it a bug and proposed modifying it:

Issue 639: Take the bumper harvest as an example, talk about the BUG and coping strategies for market mining.


The continuous distribution model of DeFi project tokens should be designed with a comprehensive consideration of how to defend against machine gun pools.

Face the machine gun pool.

First of all, you can't kill a machine gun pool with a stick because of hate.

Specific issues, specific analysis:

Machine gun pool, is the most ruthless son in the ecology. Gather a large amount of money, find an object that can be snouted, began to suck blood and dig up the mention, without a trace of hesitation.

Big money, is people love and hate. The project side loves it to come, and is afraid that it will come, welcome it, and do not welcome it all the time.

Big money can bring popularity and flow to a project, but it can also knock down a project.

It is said that machine-gun pools with large amounts of money, like a plague god, go to places where mining disasters are common.

In fact, we misunderstood the machine gun pool.

It is just a wealth management product, is a convenient for everyone to mine the polymer mining products. What's wrong with it?

The money is concentrated in an account called the machine gun pool, when separated, that is, a common small scattered.

Machine gun pool, is similar to collective farm work, belongs to the one-stop management of funds.

The problem lies in the project's mining mechanism itself, which is organic.

Therefore, Mr. Nan Miyayuan called it a bug is not excessive, the words are very professional, must have written the code.

Two mining algorithms.

Since the birth of Bitcoin mining, there have been countless mining projects.

Behind these various mining projects are a variety of mining algorithms.

However, no matter how complex and different the internals of the mining algorithm are

Dynamic yield, static interest rate.

When the "dynamic yield, static interest rate" mining algorithm is applied to DeFi mining projects, the advantage is a steady growth trend, doomed to no exaggerated annualization, there will be no spiraling fomo effect. For example, DFS gold mining pool, the provision is 51% annualization, then no matter how much the DFS currency price rises or falls, that is, 51% annualization. The pursuit of steady growth of long streams of fine water seems to have good sustainability.

Until the emergence of the machine gun pool, this fixed rate, also became the machine gun pool hit. Machine gun pool, as long as the return risk can be controlled, can be through reasonable wind control and hedging, it can be turned into a low-risk money-making strategy. Therefore, in the long run, DFS fixed-rate design, will certainly become the target of machine gun attack.

Once the machine gun pool starts to attack the static interest rate pool, the result of the attack is that the DFS currency price will continue to fall, but the algorithm stipulates that the interest rate is static, so through the yield to make up, the end result is that the output will get out of control, the entire model ended in our failure.

The advantage of "dynamic yield, static interest rate" is that the system index of the rising period is growing steadily, and the disadvantage is that the token output of the falling period is gradually out of control.

Can't defend against machine guns.

Although DFS has voting governance, you can vote for USDT. Temporary relief of large funds to DFS, but this is not the solution, can only assist in treatment, treatment is not the cure.

To cure the harm of machine gun pool, strict rules and impeccable algorithms are needed at the system level.

Yes and only from the rules of the system and algorithms to solve

After flexible use of interest rate market algorithm, a predictable result is that the interest rate of the mine pool and the number of bottom pools will be automatically adjusted by the market. rather than human intervention.

The application of interest rate marketization algorithm in DFS distribution model.

In the latest distribution model of DFS, interest rate marketization algorithms will be introduced.

Becomes the first token distribution model to combine "dynamic yield, static interest rate" with "fixed yield, dynamic interest rate" two mining algorithms.

In principle, the design starts with reasonable systemic inflation rate and appropriate hierarchical incentives.

Model Numerical Design 0: Level and segment of the mine pool.

The mine pool is divided into large segments, for a total of 6 segments:

Zixia - > - Bronze - > - > - > Gold - > Green Diamond.

The pool is divided into small grades, for a total of 21 levels:

Zixia has level 6 - > black iron has level 5 - > bronze has level 4 - > silver has level 3 - > gold has level 2 - > green drill has level 1.

There is also a rainbow pool that meets the automatic triggering under certain conditions.

Model Numerical Design 1: Mine Pool Distribution Map.

The numerical setting of the DFS division model conforms to the beauty of mathematics.

First of all, 21 mining pools, arranged by segment and grade, can get an array of ladder triangles:

In the ladder triangle, from top to bottom is the segment, from left to right is the level.

The change in values is greatly reduced from top to bottom, and from left to right is reduced by a small margin.

Model Numerical Design 2: Static interest rate of the mine pool.

When the mine pool is in the state of "dynamic yield, static interest rate".

The static interest rate for each pool is as follows:

Model Numerical Design 3: Maximum yield of the mine pool.

When the mine pool is in the state of "fixed yield, dynamic interest rate".

The maximum yield per pool is numerically designed as follows:

Each of these values is affected by the damping attenuation parameters in the DFS top-level invarutable rule.

The attenuation parameters for the current period are: 0.75, platinum pool daily production cap: 1500 DFS estimated maximum release for the day: 3427 DFS.

Model Numerical Design 4: The trigger mechanism of the rainbow mine pool and the timing of the algorithm switching.

In normal state, all pools are kept in the current version of the "static interest rate, dynamic yield" algorithm.

Only when the amount of money in the market surges, triggering the daily output ceiling threshold.

is automatically switched to the "fixed yield, dynamic interest rate" algorithm.

The mine pool status, which is marked as: Rainbow Mine Pool, indicates that the interest rate is dynamic and will automatically rise or decrease as the market capital increases or decreases.

For example, when the USDT pool, is invested in the silver mine pool, the interest rate is more than 40%, obviously the machine gun pool will immediately run to market, but its amount of money is too large, if 5 million EOS came to market, still at 30% interest rate settlement, the daily need to issue an additional 4000 plus DFS to the USDT pool. This is clearly a bug for the distribution model.

Therefore, dynamic interest rate algorithms are needed to constrain them.

Under the new model, when the pool is marketed with capital, if the 250 maximum daily yield threshold for the silver pool is triggered,

The mine pool automatically changes to a rainbow pool. The interest rate of rainbow mine is from static interest rate to market-oriented dynamic interest rate. The larger the market capital, the smaller the interest rate, the withdrawal of market capital

After applying the Rainbow Mine Pool rules. The daily output may be much smaller than the maximum output, but not much larger than the maximum output.

Model effect preview

The inflation rate curve is very similar to Bitcoin's inflation rate curve, but the trend is more gradual.

In the process of DFS distribution, the inflation rate will drop from around 75% all the way to the final 0.84%. DFS distribution time is probably 30 to 100 years.

The following are the simulation effects based on the above numerical design, for reference only:

Two algorithms are combined. Absorb the advantages of the two algorithms.

A summary of the model.

After adding the rainbow mine pool of interest rate market algorithm, the rationality of DFS distribution mechanism has been further strengthened, and its characteristics are summarized as follows:

Production is elastic supply;

Interest rates are dynamic combinations;

The system is both attack and defense;

The progress it brings:

The system's anti-vulnerability has increased significantly.

There is an automated machine gun pool defense mechanism.

In extreme cases, production is controllable.

Systemic inflation is predictable.

Against the Endless Road and the Trojan Horse.

Combined with DFS Votes' real-time feedback community governance system, DFS's system anti-vulnerability has been greatly improved.

And all of this is based on automated programs and algorithms.

The first 21 pool slots themselves do not change, but what currency is in each pool is determined by the community's voting dynamics.

This will make the annualized interest rate of mining in the pool in the best state of marketization.

Let the free market fair competition and game, can build, can be long-term non-central intervention conditions, long-term sound operation of the system.

In theory, the future DeFi network, built with DFS as its core, could work as long as a Bitcoin network without central intervention.

This will lay the foundation for further centralization of DFS: the distributive model.

The time the model was applied online.

3 days online, the transition period is 7 to 15 days, the transition period is parallel operation stage, the transition period DFS, but at the same time, you can see the values ​​and UI effects under the new plan for easy comparison.

A week later, if there is no problem, the distribution model of the V3 version is officially switched to, and the restraint effect of the Rainbow Mine Pool on the pot is officially effective.

If you are interested in participating in the discussion, welcome to add dfsfarmer, send the "rainbow" keyword, and join the group chat hall.

Have you all the way
All the design of DFS revolves around long-term value.

Without deliberate empowerment, it is more of some invisible value.

The design of the Rainbow Mine Pool responds to long-term crises that most people will not think about, including common large-capital sniping, unbelievable TVL skyrocketing, governance infernal affairs, and hidden Trojan horses.

After the Rainbow Mine Pool goes online, it may hurt the short-term interests of a small number of people. For example, the profit of market making decreases due to Rainbow in the mine pool. But Rainbow Mine Pool protects the long-term interests of most DFS farmers, and its mechanism will be the umbrella of the entire DFS ecology in the future.

Life is like a chess, one step is three calculations. Many designs on DFS are the actions of community members after many days of foresight. Only by looking far away can we walk more steadily.

Although the currency circle pursues shortness and flatness and wants to make one year a day, DFS sometimes treats it as a century-old cause.

Any crises and difficulties are not afraid of a united and strong community.

The difficult road is never crowded.

Looking back many years later, we will thank,

On the road to decentralization of DFS, there is you all the way.

DFS Logo upgrade.

DFS new Logo, finally began to spend in the whistle, no longer with a green cover ugly.

It's about multi-color against the designer's will. Dazzling doesn't look like a logo.

But we don't want to be a good Logo between us.

It's not hard to force interpretation and give meaning.

The color of the Logo.

The hue of DFS Logo, consisting of red, green, and blue. They are the color of light.

0 and 1 in binary, can express and store all information.
Seven notes in the five-line spectrum, can write a thousand rhythms.
The three primary colors of the spectrum, red, green and blue, can combine any color of light to render this colorful world.

Rain can form a rainbow in the sky by refracting light.
And the three-color light together into one, forming an invisible light.

It's like interpreting the colors on national flags.

We can also give meaning to the colors in DFS's new logo:

Green: The green of hope for grassland and life.

Blue: The blue of freedom representing the sky and sea.

Red: The red of love representing the flame and the red of chic city.

Light: Red, green and blue three primary colors combined for a harvest of light.

The shape of the Logo.

The shape of DFS Logo is a triangle.

First layer of interpretation: stability structure.

When it comes to triangles, the first thing that comes up is the stable structure it represents.

Triangular stability refers to the characteristics of triangles with stable, firm and pressure resistance, such as Egyptian pyramids, steel rails, triangular frames, cranes, and three

Corporate governance system is a mature workflow formed in the past hundred years. Corporate management has even formed a professional curriculum, those industrial governance system and management thinking, in the face of magic 2020, by the impact of the epidemic, falling apart, many small enterprises because they can not adapt to telecommuting and very difficult.

The centralized office corporate governance system is being tested by the times, difficult to manage, the pursuit of equality and freedom after the 90's become the backbone of the workplace, they also gradually get rid of institutional thinking, the pursuit of value, the pursuit of freedom.

The times call for the innovation of the new governance system to solve the problems under the traditional corporate governance system such as shortage of talents, management difficulties and so on.

A loosely organized, core cohesion of the centered governance architecture, driven by blockchain technology, called out.

In blockchain projects, human life and freedom and equality are more than just slogans.

The charm of a de-centralized community-based project is that it quickly attracts many people with the same values to join them and work together for an ideal and mission without any contractual constraints to come and go freely. Like swarms of bees, they seem loose, but they are cohesion, and cohesion comes from a common value, and invisible forces drive subtle collaboration among the groups.

Loose tissue, also characterized by the metabolism of community members, has always been left and has always been joined. Therefore, we say that community type is viable, can grow freely, can metabolize. Like seeds landing, landing germination, absorption of sunlight and rain dew, growth of leafy and then began

DFS is certainly better because there are a lot of people working for it.

Layer 4 interpretation: Aggregate governance platform.

The path that many project parties are exploring is to become a centralized governance. Because this road has not been through before, so every attempt is to touch the stone across the river feeling.

Ethereum's DeFi, though known for its de-centralization, has poor governance figures, and even leadmaker Dao has a poor number of people and votes on the proposal.

In contrast to the DFS governance vote, the number of participants has reached thousands. This point shows that the EOS public chain will be a better experimental field for the centered governance of this piece.

However, is it necessary for every project party, every DeFi protocol, to issue a platform governance currency?

The key to governance is people, and the reality is that behind the participants in several projects, after removing duplication, is the same group of people.

This group is a veteran of DeFi.

DFS has brought together the most senior players in the EOS ecosystem, so DFS Votes, the people behind it, are actually eligible to participate in the governance of other DeFi protocols.

DFS Votes continues to explore and open up the path to unsystressed governance as an open, aggregate governance platform on the chain that quickly gathers community opinions.

Other DeFi agreements eliminate the need to explore the process of de-centralization of governance on their own, and directly entrust DFS governance votes.

The fifth level of interpretation: decentralized collaboration platform
DFS also has the opportunity to become an open platform that allows everyone to realize their self-worth.

To be honest, I can't make up here.

Finally, I attach some design line drafts of my little sister. All look good.

I hope I chose not the ugliest one.

The little sister is still studying. She drew YFC DBC PDD and the new DFS Logo.

I said that after graduation, I can continue to paint for DFS, and I can do what she wants freely while being a free designer in the DFS ecology.

If everyone is a light of different colors, then DFS is responsible for bringing them together and becoming a beautiful, rainbow.




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