DFS goal is bigger and many of it potential are still going to be revealed over time.

6 min readSep 24, 2020

On okex is not the original intention of DFS. In ancient times, there was Kong Rong to let pears, but now DFS to let Tao

It is said that the okex exchange, one of the three most famous and thunderous exchanges recently, will actively list EOS tokens.

There was a lot of noise for a while, I thought it was just a rumor, but I didn't expect the official okex announcement to come out.

okex is serious. After working as an EOS node for many years, I think that I am also an EOS super node after all, and I am ready to contribute to the EOS ecosystem.

However, its approach is really incomprehensible. Of course, the big V has already been interpreted, so I won't interpret too much.

Two peaches kill three people, very scheming bitch.

Two peaches kill three people: OKEX arouses the cruelest competition among the three major forces in the grapefruit ecology || YF series machine gun pool is a Trojan horse won by centralized exchanges

To sow discord and make people laugh.

[Eos defi] The grapefruit was a farce yesterday, which is very embarrassing! Have to go together, or none at all!

Are there any benefits to okex?

No. Three big is just a billboard. It will not affect the nature of the DFS project itself.

But there is an opportunity for speculation, that is, it may skyrocket when it goes online.

Where there are opportunities for speculation, there are speculators. So we saw the DFS skyrocketed last night. The crowds were very lively, and everyone's faith came back. Long live DFS.

Calm down, family members.

Risk warning: This kind of rise is not a long-term sustainable benign rise. They bought it, and they are going to ship it in a short period of time. They have been cut after rising. No wonder I didn't remind you.

I jokingly said that the correct way to invest in DFS is: "Do not look at buying, forget about market making, and look at it after 1 year."

Does DFS have to be listed on the exchange?

DFS itself is an exchange.

DFS itself is a decentralized exchange.

DFS itself is a decentralized exchange with a daily trading turnover of several million EOS.

DFS is very strong, and its record may be able to crush second-tier exchanges.

So what is the significance of listing on the exchange?

Isn't the exchange just a billboard? It's a tool for placing orders and a channel for deposits and withdrawals.

Listing on the exchange is a matter of no benefit to the DFS project.

DFS must continue to grow stronger, relying on the continuous iteration of products, continuous enrichment of functions, and the continued growth of the community to attract more talents and project parties.

Instead of getting on more and more centralized exchanges.

DFS is cultural

DFS attracts talents from all walks of life.

They spontaneously build a community and give play to their expertise, just to make DFS better.

There are professional writers who continue to output in Bihu.

Some designers provide wonderful posters.

Have a 24-hour professional escort to chat with you.

Senior programmers actively provide code contributions.

There are "expert lecturers" who are responsible for continuing promoting and delivering project ideas.

There are handsome and rich bosses who continue to contribute and donate.

There are even laid-off comedians like me who will give everyone a joke show every now and then.

There are so many talents in the DFS community, and everyone speaks nicely. I didn't want to come out when I went in. - Cut. A baby

They don't know who they are working for, who they are working hard for, or what they are doing.

I feel that they have no desires and desires, and they are very noble.

DFS is alive

As a representative of the grassroots project, DFS is like a weed born in the wilderness, tenacious and full of vitality.

It absorbs nutrients supplied by talents from the entire community and grows healthily.

At the beginning it was a seed, at the beginning it was a weed, and then it will become a grassland with cows, sheep and other happy wild animals running freely on the grassland.

And in the middle of the prairie is a big tree that will never fall.

Sunny days can be cool, rainy days can be sheltered from rain, the big trees will always stand there.

Perhaps this is ecology.

The meaning of airdrop is in line with the spirit of blockchain

DFS will not follow things like spending money to buy tickets directly.

We like the spirit of decentralization, and we like the whole network airdrop like UNI.

Some people think that this kind of airdrop is meaningless. It is cheating. It is shameless.

Please destroy the UNI in your hand and say this again?

Don't you think.

This is meaningful, but you don't understand:

Airdrops are in line with the spirit and thinking of the blockchain.

The airdrop is a grateful feedback to the target platform. It is to tell all users of okex. we are coming. With little candies and careful.

But some people don't understand. We do not need to explain.

The listing should be free. It's like listing on Unisawap and DFS.

The project party should airdrop to the target platform users. Just like YFC airdrops to DFS platform users through mining.

One day, this approach will become mainstream.

The platform charges a currency listing fee, which should be changed to that in the future. The project party will directly airdrop the currency listing fee to platform users.


How about we let it go?

Not just a broken peach. You are greedy, you eat. Don't fight between brothers.

In ancient times, there was Kong Rong let pear, but now there is DFS let pear.

After all, we still have a lot of things to be busy and a long way to go.

As the community grows, more and more volunteers and their respective talents actively join in.

We have established a business promotion group, a fishing group, a KTV group, a foundation donation group, a volunteer group, an operation group, a propaganda department, a scientist group, a small white hand-in-hand education group, a vegetable stealing group, and a functional testing group. Countless groups.

We accommodate any different opinions, adopt any good suggestions, and welcome every possible family member.

Always tolerant, never kicked anyone. As a result, the community continues to expand, so that it has to develop artificial intelligence robot customer service to assist in management.

500 groups are not too many, this is exactly what a community-based project should look like.

Happy to be an escort

The announcement came out:


Many people think that the theme this time is EOS DeFi project currency, so in terms of community scale and landing applications, at least BOX and DFS or DMD should be online. NDX and TPT are just running.

In my opinion. In fact, the classification should be as follows:

Centralized project currency 1, 2 Centralized project currency 3, 4 Wild currency 5, 6

The wild one is to accompany the run.

It's like two motherless children, played by four wealthy children and an adult who likes to spoof and inject.

I couldn't even play, and finally went home crying and holding hands.

Diamond does not cry. At least you can always play with DFS.

Running with you is to exercise your body, to hone your mind and cultivate your mentality.

On the road of the Long March, what is needed is just a strong body and such a tough spirit.

Keep going

The main task of DFS is to explore a path to a decentralized financial world.

The terminal of DFS is a sea of ​​stars that can be imagined.

This road may be rough, dangerous, and dangerous. But the pace of DFS will not stop.

Going to okex is like a small inn passing by on the road of a knight. Maybe tonight, this inn is just too crowded to stay.

It doesn't matter if you are turned away, DFS has no choice but to continue on the road without looking back.

Thank you for reading ☺




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