DFS deposit system: DSS (DFS Saving System)

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Formerly known as DSR, you can also call it, DFS Bank

It is a DFS currency-based risk-free guaranteed income system tailored specifically for DFS


Dynamic interest rates have achieved real-time interest rate marketization.
Support for deposit and withdrawal, interest calculation every millisecond.
You can freely choose the deposit term. The longer the deposit period, the greater the profit bonus.
Parameter setting
Internal test environmental parameters: (informal environmental application parameters)

Update interval of allocation pool: 8 hours
Allocation amount: 0.05% of the stock or 90% of the increment, whichever is the smallest.
Savings pool: 24000 DFS (dfsavingpool account balance)

Case details:

At the beginning, the first allocation, the allocated amount is 24000 * 0.05% = 12 DFS

At this time, the balance of the allocation pool is 12 DFS, and the real-time annualization is related to the cumulative deposit of users:

All users deposit 10 DFS in total. The real-time annualization is 43800%
All users deposit 100 DFS in total.

The real-time annualization is 4380%
All users deposit 10,000 DFS in total.

The real-time annualization is 43.8%
All users deposit 25,000 DFS in total.

The real-time annualization is 17.52%
As more people deposit, the annualization decreases. Until the system’s annualized rate of return is balanced on a market’s fair annualized rate of return.

The DSS system is called the interest rate market.

Interest rate marketization will be a very meaningful practice in the infrastructure of blockchain open finance.

Schrodinger's return: the game space under dynamic interest rates In this system. Because the value is not constant. Therefore, there is a certain game space.

Every time a new allocation starts, the real-time annualization will increase significantly. And as the part received more and more.

The real-time annualization will gradually decline again.

It is also because the annualized interest rate changes every moment, except that the deposit time and principal are deterministic parameters, and the final return is in an uncertain state before being received.

For the same 10,000 DFS, how much benefit does it get for a day?

You only know when you see it. It may be 82 at an annualization rate of 300%, or 8.2 at an annualization rate of 30%.

The result depends entirely on the market balance, but generally what you see is often the best result after market selection.

If someone withdraws from the system, the annual interest rate will increase for those who stay.

If there are large deposits of large sums of money, then the existing people, the annualized interest rate will be diluted.

It is not necessary to receive it every time you distribute, because the income is accumulated according to time and principal. It is completely possible to wait for the real-time annualization to be high, and receive it at once.

After each withdrawal, the time accumulates to zero and the deposit income is recalculated.

The mathematical formula of interest income can be simply expressed as:

dsr_interest_reward = capital * time_elapsed * current_apr
Very simple, there are only three parameters, of which the principal remains unchanged, and the time and interest rates are changing in real time.

Time is constantly increasing, while interest rates are sometimes high and sometimes low, following market changes.

There is only one way to obtain income, which is to increase the principal, increase the deposit time, and then wait for the market interest rate to be your acceptable interest rate.

Time bonus
DSS system, according to the deposit time is different, set up five levels of deposit pool,

The saving time of each continuous pool is different, the longer the saving time, the higher the income bonus.

Assuming that the real-time annualization is 10%, the income bonus of the 5-tier savings pool is as follows:

Deposit and withdraw, no increase in income, 5% annualised
Deposit for 1 month, gain bonus 5% (equivalent to 10.5% annnualized effect)

Deposit for 3 months, 10% bonus to income (equivalent to 11% annualized effect)
Save for 6 months, gain 20% bonus (equivalent to 12% annualized effect)
Save for 1 year, the income will be increased by 50% (equivalent to 15% annualized effect)

Deposit rules:

When depositing, users can choose to skip to a pool with a longer saving time, but cannot choose to downgrade to a pool with a shorter saving time.
In addition to storage and retrieval, it can be accessed in real time. There is time for saving to the pool, and the principal cannot be withdrawn before maturity, but it does not affect the collection of interest income.
Closed beta time
9.1 ~ 9.7

Test address:


Official launch time
Advance to 9.4 at 8pm

Official address: https://apps.defis.network/dss

DSS smart contract has passed the security audit of Paidun
Passing time, September 4:

To sum up
DSS design philosophy

DSS is an example of how blockchain technology can provide equal financial services to everyone.

DSS is designed as an underlying agreement with guaranteed income. Not only can it be easily used by individuals, but it can also be easily accessed by third-party apps such as centralized exchanges and wallet financing.

If the DSS experiment is successful, it may become a better distribution plan for Bindong equity than the previous lock-up dividends, repurchase and destruction.

If the DSS experiment is successful, it may form the prototype of a decentralized lending system. Not only DFS assets, it theoretically supports the deposit and borrowing of arbitrary assets, and realizes the marketization of lending interest rates.

DeFi can be compared to a mini Silicon Valley. It is like a system for running various experiments. Since experiments will always fail, the key is that those successful ones will become very successful in the future (the key is for the ones that work to really really work).

Thanks for participating in the closed beta of this experiment. I wish us success.

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