DFS Announcement:

1 min readOct 15, 2020

New Features:

1. Pddex K-line: DFS YFC is currently supported. More currencies are supported later. k-line data is not open minutes and hours level, long-term investment, from the day line.

2. Pddex historical transactions go online: a page to see the past numerous actions. (Trading data starts today).

3. DFS Small App Online: Token Watcher: View key token data such as circulation, number of currency holders, price movements, latest transfers, large transfers, latest prices, etc. (Currently only DFS, YFC is supported)

Bugs fixed:

1. Only features. No bugs.

New post:

The path to the centering of cabbage: https://bihu.com/article/1997064797.

New Community:

DFS Harvest Farm's ILPO Coin Institute: Discover dreams, create dreams, support dreams.




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