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After DFS's Back to Home 1: Pragmatic, our main focus is on thinking about how to get back to the book.

Recently, with the outflow of BM, a large outflow of active funds within the EOS ecosystem is visible to the naked eye. It's longer for us to get back to this.

The road back to ben is long, not only empty talk and fantasy, so, on the one hand, we think positively, on the other hand, hard work.

The basic idea of how to return to this book is to think about how to bring the value of the…

Preface: Double Twelve

Previously on

The Tag (Qiuhe) system, since its launch on 11 Nov.,within a month, has gained much support and love.

We ‘ve heard the voices of resistance and seen the actions of all.

Data's peaks for itself. 58 million EOS in proxy is far more than our expectation.

The yield of TAG LP, which has stayed at high level for 30 days in a row, has toppled our notion about second LP.

In just one month, the following achievements have been made:

• TAG’s proxy pool dfsbpsproxy1 has reached 58.7 million EOS. 4655 people participated in the…

Prologue: Double Twelve

A small history story

Double Twelve is a good day. There are several wonderful events recorded in history books. At this moment, it is very worthwhile to take them out.

Event 1: It was Kenya’s Independence Day. What happened in Kenya, one of the birthplaces of human civilization, was also a general election event about voting. The people of Kenya who had been occupied by colonists for more than 300 years formed a democratic alliance. Initiated a democratic revolution. In a fair election, the Kenyan League won in the end and established an autonomous government. Kenya declared independence on 12.12. So 12.12 …

Recently, we held our First Telegram AMA in the English community.
It was indeed a wonderful Session.

The AMA was in duration of 1 hour 10 mins, and was hosted by DFSnetwork overseas manager and marketing specialist OPA’.

The following cogent points was discussed during the session.
~Past achievements of DFSnetwork
~Future Goals and the current contribution of DFS " in EOS ecology.
~DeFis Making EOS Great (MEGA)

The statistics during the AMA showed over 500 members where online out of 3200 members in the telegram community, that was quite impressive. …

Today is November 11, a good day for 4 1s

Such a good day, only one a year

In Chinese, a moral, is too rich a

It's bit by bit, as always, and always going forward

Is unique and unique one day it will be a blockbuster

It's a muddle-headed and a cold exposure

It’s wishful thinking

It’s the one who takes the lead, fights, and becomes famous.

It’s a war with a single heart and a new look


This is a long-announced project

It was originally scheduled to go online in autumn

However, it happened to catch up with…

Article: Special One

Today is a particularly good day.

Today is October 24th, which is a very special day.

There are three special places,

The first special: a number.

Today is 1024, World Programmer's Day.

This festival pays tribute to the silent devotees behind this era: the talented, selfless, ordinary and ordinary programmers.

Behind every Internet product you've used, it's made up of code that countless programmers tap with their hands.

Programmers are like 1024, in a low-key, down-to-earth, robust way, write a core functional module, a little bit to build today's technology world.

They are generally social and verbal, preferring to hide behind the scenes in silence. Rumor has it that there is a belief between them, known as the Coder Creed:

All the bugs are virtual, all the yards are allowed. They plough into the darkness, but serve the light. They are code-based code-goers who defend world peace.

Yet under the oppression of the mainstream culture of…

New Features:

1. Pddex K-line: DFS YFC is currently supported. More currencies are supported later. k-line data is not open minutes and hours level, long-term investment, from the day line.

2. Pddex historical transactions go online: a page to see the past numerous actions. (Trading data starts today).

3. DFS Small App Online: Token Watcher: View key token data such as circulation, number of currency holders, price movements, latest transfers, large transfers, latest prices, etc. (Currently only DFS, YFC is supported)

Bugs fixed:

1. Only features. No bugs.

New post:

The path to the centering of cabbage:

New Community:

DFS Harvest Farm's ILPO Coin Institute: Discover dreams, create dreams, support dreams.

There are a lot of pigs on DFS Farm

DFS Harvest


A lot of pigs, the English name is Pig Double Dex or Plus Double Dex. The abbreviation is PDDEX.

Its positioning is to be a super double decentralized exchange .

Its characteristics are as follows:

Combination of limit order book entry order trading mode and market price flash trading mode

Full-platform transaction aggregator: Provide one-stop pending order and flash exchange transaction services.

Full-platform transaction price comparer: designed to help users to buy the most coins at the lowest price without worry and effort

The aggregation protocol that aggregates…

On okex is not the original intention of DFS. In ancient times, there was Kong Rong to let pears, but now DFS to let Tao

It is said that the okex exchange, one of the three most famous and thunderous exchanges recently, will actively list EOS tokens.

There was a lot of noise for a while, I thought it was just a rumor, but I didn't expect the official okex announcement to come out.

okex is serious. After working as an EOS node for many years, I think that I am also an EOS super node after all, and I…

Decentralization of the DFS project is the ultimate goal we pursue.

As for how to achieve complete decentralization, it is a road that requires us to take the courage and determination to take the first step and keep going.

For a composite DeFi project, complete decentralization is unlikely to be achieved overnight, and progressive decentralization is the current compromise.
The first step in the decentralization of DFS is to start with the multi-signature of the Swap contract.

DFS Swap introduction

DFS Swap is a decentralized exchange based on a constant product market maker algorithm.

This kind of decentralized exchange model in which everyone…


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