Pragmatic lab

Prologue: Double Twelve

A small history story


Article: Special One

Today is a particularly good day.

Today is October 24th, which is a very special day.

There are three special places,

The first special: a number.

Today is 1024, World Programmer's Day.

They are generally social and verbal, preferring to hide behind the scenes in silence. Rumor has it that there is a belief between them, known as the Coder Creed:

All the bugs are virtual, all the yards are allowed. They plough into the darkness, but serve the light. They are code-based code-goers who defend world peace.

DFS Harvest Farm's ILPO Coin Institute: Discover dreams, create dreams, support dreams.

There are a lot of pigs on DFS Farm

DFS Harvest

DFS Swap introduction


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