Nov 23, 2020

2 min read

♻️DeFis Network Telegram AMA Short Recap ♻️

Recently, we held our First Telegram AMA in the English community.
It was indeed a wonderful Session.

The AMA was in duration of 1 hour 10 mins, and was hosted by DFSnetwork overseas manager and marketing specialist OPA’.

The following cogent points was discussed during the session.
~Past achievements of DFSnetwork
~Future Goals and the current contribution of DFS " in EOS ecology.
~DeFis Making EOS Great (MEGA)

The statistics during the AMA showed over 500 members where online out of 3200 members in the telegram community, that was quite impressive.
For a community and project that started roughly five months ago.

We have witnessed so much contribution from the DFS communities, especially outside china, (China is said to have the strong dominance)

At the point of writing this publication DFS node is having over 100m votes positioned as second biggest block producer in the EOS ecosystem.

During the AMA, we had several questions

Here are the infographics review of the feedbacks


The dream of Dfs


Trading Exchange

Thank you, we look forward to join you in our next AMA.